The sex toy industry is littered with toys of all kinds. You have prostate massages, vibrating dildos, fleshlights, Ben Wa Balls, and what not. But, when Tenga released their EGG series, a whole new dimension was revealed to sex toy makers. They are simple and relatively innocent looking, but the sort of punch they pack and the amount of pleasure they impart is unparallel. It is the epitome of discreet and yet no one can quite deny the sublime pleasure it is usually seen responsible for.

About the product

While it isn’t true, more often than not these days, but good things do come in tiny little packages. Nothing describes Tenga Eggs better than that little statement. Despite its simplicity, the sophistication that went into its creation is revealed the moment the user puts it on.

The Tenga Egg series features more than 20 varying textured eggs, all made from a silky soft sleeve that is no bigger than 3 inches in length, with a 2.5 inches of internet length and a canal that is 0.5 inches wide. That may sound small, but wait until you watch the sleeve swallow a 12-inch long mammoth, with the girth being as wide as 8 inches. This ensures that this egg-shaped sleeve is completely versatile and can accommodate and pleasure all sizes.

That is not it. What sets the Egg series by Tenga apart is the fact that even though the construction of this egg is very simple, with tactile wedges on the interior of the sleeve that produces intensely pleasurable sensations, it comes in more than 20 different styles of stimulation. This gives one something different to look forward to every single time since the egg is disposable. This saves you the trouble of carefully washing, disinfecting and then drying your sleeve. But, you can choose to do so with this egg if you feel like it.

As mentioned, the Tenga Egg Series features more than 20 different types of different unique and simulating chambers packed inside the sleeve. It includes various different types of nodules, nubs, grooves and ridges that are designed for the sole purpose of teasing you in just the right manner, taking you to the very heights of ecstasy before you climax.

Add in the fact that the toy is literally packed like an egg, no one in their right mind would be able to tell if this is a sex toy or a real egg. This toy is also ideal for couple’s play and can even be used as a stamina-building toy. It certainly makes for a great gift if you are looking forward to treating yourself or even for your partner, especially if you are planning to play with it later, together.

For added effect, use it right after a warm shower and have stars dance right before your eyes with the intensity of the simulations this tiny little egg is capable of with be revealed in the most glorious of manners.


  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Small in size and great to travel with.
  • No recharging/batteries needed
  • Flesh like soft material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Generates great simulations internally.
  • Nice discreet packing.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not reusable, even though the website says it can be.
  • Need to be gentle or the sleeve breaks.
  • Slightly pricey for one-time

The final word

Tenga, a Japanese sex toy maker truly outdid themselves with their egg series. The creation, packaging, and delivery of these eggs are truly an ingenious wonder for those looking to add a bit of spice to their love life. Highly recommended.  You can also check out my review of the Tenga Flip Zero.