Sexually Secure is a site dedicated to furthering intimacy, vulnerability, and security with your partner through bedroom play. We talk a lot about incorporating toys, overcoming insecurities, and learning to communicate with your partner in a constructive way. We are a husband and wife team who are dedicating our free time to share the joys we have learned through our own struggles, follies, and awkward days. With us, you will learn to accept each other for who you really are. We are not a pornography site — we focus 100% of our efforts on enhancing the bonds between monogamous couples.
Most articles are drafted by Mr. Secure, and he offers a unique perspective on intimacy and vulnerability, because he is a recovering sex and love addict. Growing up in a sheltered part of the United States, Mr. Secure was taught that women are objects and nothing more. After years of philandering, womanizing, and obsessing over pornography, he hit rock bottom.
Over the past three years of deep recovery, Mr. Secure has shed his misogynistic skin. He looks at women as equals, who are worthy of respect and dignity in every way. He has become a passionate lover and partner to his Wife, Mrs. Secure. They are best friends and have never been closer. That intimacy grows every day, and he realizes that this is a journey without a destination.
Mrs. Secure occasionally offers her insights, especially when the subject matter is focused on a woman’s perspective. She advises on subject matter and reviews posts to ensure that the content is not too explicit. She wants to ensure that you feel comfortable reading all of the material posted, because some of this material is explicit by its very nature.
We want to offer you a welcoming environment, free of judgement, and free of discrimination. All life is sacred, and all people have worth. We are not professionals in this field, and we consider ourselves pupils who participate in group learning. We teach from our own experiences, and we learn from your experiences. You are always welcome to share your thoughts with us. We’ll do the best we can to give you the advice you seek.
Be True to Yourself,
Mr. and Mrs. Secure