A Complete Guide On Penis Sleeves

We’ve all seen ads saying how this pill will give you an increase in size in just two weeks or how some miracle cream can keep you hard for an hour. Well, even if you’re one of those lucky souls that haven’t fallen into these scam products and wasted your time and money, we have something for you that actually works. We’re talking about a little product that’s not really going to give you a longer penis or anything, but work as an extension to yours regardless of whether it’s size or girth that it is lacking. Penis sleeves give you the same level of pleasure that you would get from PIV sex without any sorts of toy, but your partner will get a lot more from your sessions than she used to before. So, if you want to keep your gal happy while having the same wondrous sex you used to before, penis sleeves might actually be a good purchase.

Penis Sleeves
Penis Sleeves

What is a Penis Sleeve?

Penis sleeve, or also known as, a penis extender is a pretty unique sex toy that allows you to add an extra something to your penis. Basically, they’re meant for two different purposes, they’re either meant to increase length or increase girth. There are some that do both as well, so if you find yourself in the need for both, penis sleeves are an amazing purchase.

Types of Penis Sleeves

Here’s the full laydown of the types of penis extenders available for purchase.

Classic Extenders

These are just the good ol’ traditional penis extenders. They have nothing too special about them. They look just like a penis and are meant to go over yours. If you spend a good bit of money to buy something decent, you’ll get a sleeve with an extremely realistic texture and feel to it. Classic sleeves do tend to be a bit lackluster if you spend the minimal amount of money to get them. So, we suggest having somewhat of a decent budget while buying classic extenders.

Girth Extenders

Lacking the width to satisfy your woman? Girth extenders are made just for you. These sleeves are specifically made with a decent girth to really give your girl the feeling of fullness. Girthy sleeves may or may not be made for length, so you should definitely do your research before you buy the toy. Make sure you check to see what sleeve would work well with your size.

Textured Extenders

There are two types of textures sleeves. The first category is meant to mimic the exact look and feel of an actual penis. They have bulging veins and even wrinkly skins to make the toy seem like a real cock. Such toys are made with a special variation of silicone that pretty much just like actual skin. The second category is the exact opposite. This said type is meant to be the exact opposite of a penis. They usually have some really weird pattern or design on them or an inch long thick prong-like shapes sticking out them. Point being, if your partners ever wants something a little extra to work with, then these exotic textured sleeves may just be what you need. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that they’re pretty expensive.

Vibrating Extenders

Vibrating Extenders
Vibrating Extenders

Not every lady out there is satisfied by the simple back and forth motion. There are women that need something a little extra, and that little extra is probably something that destroys their inside with vibrations. If your girl needs this, then vibrating sleeves are your best bet at giving her just that. Equipped with a vibrator, these sleeve are extremely good at producing toe-wriggling orgasms. Vibrating sleeves aren’t just a treat for your woman, the sex will be so much more pleasurable for you as well. You have a vibrator hoisted right above the shaft of cock, obviously it’ll have a huge part in urging you towards climax too.

Monster Extenders

If you have the type of partner who is concerned with nothing but pure and utter length, monster extenders are your life-saver. These bad boys are aimed at only providing length. They’re not made with fancy silicone or have complex textures, they’re just long. Monster sleeves start from about 8 length in size and go all the way up to 12 inches. Imagine that size paired with your own penis. What else could a woman possibly desire?

Butt Plug Sleeves

Want to treat yourself a little extra during sex? If you’re comfortable with anal play, you’ll absolutely love butt plug sleeves. They’re similar to regular dong extenders in the sense that they go over your penis. However, they have an extra notch like structure at the bottom that goes into your anus and massages the prostate. With the help of butt plug sleeves, you’re not just satisfying your girl, but you’re also creating a hell of an intense orgasm for yourself.

Using a Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are actually one of the easiest to use sex toys out there. The first thing you need to lube up everything, and when we say everything, we mean it. You have to lube up your own penis and then lubricate both the inside and outside of your sleeve. The reason is that a dry sleeve won’t be pleasurable for neither you or your partner. Your penis will just itch inside that dry toy and your partner will be irritated to have this slab of silicone inside her. The more lube you use, the more comfortable the toy itself will feel. So, feel free to be as generous as you want to be.
Second step, is to make yourself hard. Once erect, shove your junk into the sleeve and get to work. That’s literally all you need to do in order to use this simple sex toy.

Best Penis Sleeves

Now that you’re no longer a complete novice to how penis sleeves work, it’s time to move on over to the next section of our article. We’re going to over a few of our most favorite penis sleeves out there. So, if you’ve made up your mind about purchasing a penis sleeve, then picking one of the following will be a safe investment of your money. Let’s get to it.

LoveHoney Mega Mighty Clear Penis Extender

LoveHoney Mega Mighty Clear Penis Extender
LoveHoney Mega Mighty Clear Penis Extender

This extender from LoveHoney looks pretty unintimidating, but let us assure you, don’t think less of it. This is one of those penis sleeves that rest on the shorter end when it comes to size, but it’s a pretty decent toy regardless. The Mega Mighty adds a clean 3 inches to your penis with a decent amount of girth as well.
One of our most favorite aspects of this sleeve would be the ball loop. This little thing is pretty handy if you find yourself readjusting your penis extender every now and then. Tuck the loop inside your balls and you’ll be able to keep rocking with zero breaks.
The sleeve doesn’t really contribute a whole lot to the realistic aspect visually, since obviously it’s a transparent extender. But, it definitely feels like the real deal. This is a great toy for novices to start off with because of it’s small yet sufficient size. So, if you’re starting off with penis extenders, this product from LoveHoney should be right up your alley.

Collosus Penis Extender by Vixen

Colossus Penis Extender
Colossus Penis Extender

If the one from LoveHoney seemed too small for you, this one is definitely in the larger category. It’s an absolutely amazing toy with a seven inch length and a monstrous girth at the same time. Like, what did you expect, it’s very name is Colossus.
The key factor of this toy would definitely be its texture and the realistic feel. The color is a bit too chocolaty to look like a real penis, but everything apart from that is identical to a real penis. The material is high quality silicone. Collosus is a brainchild of Vixen, an extremely well-known vendor producer of premium quality sex toys. And, their price tags are just according to what people expect from their products. Collosus definitely falls on the pricier side of things, but it’s durability is well worth the price. This big and bulky toy will last a long, long time before you ever have the need to replace it.

  • External size: 6 3/4 inches long (insertable) by 2 1/4 inches in diameter; internal size: 5 1/2 in. long by 1 3/8 in. in diameter
  • Solid silicone design resists tearing while remaining flexible; warms and retains heat upon insertion
  • Easy to clean with antibacterial soap and water; dishwasher safe; sterilize with boiling water or 1% bleach solution
  • 100% hypoallergenic silicone; no phthalates, latex, jellies or harmful chemicals

BASICS Vibrating Sleeve

Now this is a toy that is more on the exotic side of penis sleeve. First of all, there’s absolutely no realism to this toy. If that is what you’re looking for, then consider buying some other toy. However, if you’re only concerned with just straight up pleasure, then the BASICS vibrating sleeve is what you need to buy.
Basically, the first half of this sleeve is just like your regular extender. It’s a hollow, texture sleeve that adds a ton of girth and length to your penis. However, this isn’t even the interesting part of this toy. The interesting part is the rabbit vibrator shaft right beside the sleeve. If you know your sex toys, you’d know that rabbit vibrators are one of the most intense toys out there for females. The rabbit massaging her clit and you penetrating her will be a combination that will make any woman out there scream at the top of her lungs.
The best part is that this toy isn’t even that expensive. It falls on the more cheaper side of things and is probably under budget for any novice out there. So, feel free to nab this thing as quickly as you can because it’s an absolute beast for its price range.

Fantasy X-Tensions Realistic Penis Extender

Fantasy X-Tensions Realistic Penis Extender
Fantasy X-Tensions Realistic Penis Extender

The penis sleeve from Fantasy X-Tensions is the most versatile and multipurpose toy we’ve ever seen. Let us elaborate.
Firstly, the toy adds a decent two inches to your size. Pretty decent for men that are just looking for that extra edge during penetrative sex. Secondly, the toy adds a ton of girth to your penis. The manufacturers proudly boast that their product has the capability of increasing your girth by 33%. And, if you can’t guess that already, this is an absolutely huge number. Finally, this toy acts as a cock ring as well. The sleeve is such a tight fit that completely squeezes the breath out of your penis including the balls. If you have any medical condition like erectile dysfunction, using the Fantasy X-Tension Penis Sleeve will make it go away completely!

That’s not all that’s good with the Fantasy X sleeve. The toy is extremely realistic. Everything from the color, feel and texture points exactly to a real penis. Even the shaft has veins that make it so damn fun while inside. There’s a ball loop for the guy as well. As you already know, this makes sure that the sleeve stays in place even with all the lube. And, these ball loops also double over as a cock ring, like we talked about a bit earlier. The material used is a variation of silicone. This variation is also temperature-responsive, so that means that you won’t be sticking inside a cold slab of silicone. Instead you can warm it up with warm water and make it that much harder for your lady to differentiate between the toy and your own dong. To top it all off, the silicone material used to make this thing is really easy to clean.

It can be purchased from amazon.


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