Riley Reid

Riley Reid Fleshlight Review

Riley Reid
Riley Reid

There’s probably no guy over the age of 18 out there that isn’t familiar with the kinky voice and Chinese tats of this bombshell. Riley Reid is one of the most popular pornstars in the world with over 400 pornographic video and 20 awards provided because of them. Let’s get into the specifics of the Riley Reid Fleshlight so you can know exactly why this toy is much more your average molded fleshlight.

Texture of the toy


Riley Reid Fleshlight uses something called the Utopia Texture. Now this is where the fleshlight really shines brightest. Utopia’s opening is pretty tight with a bell shaped design with curvy ridges. Ridges are pretty shallow, but still feel amazing on the head. The first chamber is meant to tease you as you’re entering, but the second chamber is where stuff gets serious. The chamber is tight with insanely large ridges to create that pang of simulation. The third chamber has a pattern of ridges and bulges in a 360 degree curve.

There’s also a cap at the end of the fleshlight. The purpose of this fleshlight is to increase or decrease the suction of the toy. This is a pretty small feature, but it can do a lot to make the fleshlight seem like the real deal.

Riley Reid - What a body!
What a body!

Price Tag

There’s no surprise that this fleshlight is going to be a lot more expensive than your average pocket pussy.  There’s a lot of work going into this toy because of the fact that it is molded according to the body of your favorite pornstar. So, the manufacturers not only have to make the toy, they also have to pay the model who did the molding. A small portion of each fleshlight goes in the pocket of the model. So, if you’re looking to help Riley for all the hours she helped you out of your loneliness, this is one way to do just that.

I'm in love
I’m in love

Maintenance and Upkeep

The Riley Reid Fleshlight is designed to make cleaning a bit easier too. Cleaning fleshlights are always a hassle since you have such small room to wiggle around, but the material of this toy ensures that no juice sticks to the walls. Due to this minor upgrade, all you need to do is rinse through the toy with water, block the entrance, and jiggle around a bit then leave it out to dry.

Riley Reid Fleshlight - inner texture
Riley Reid Fleshlight – inner texture


  • Utopia texture feels absolutely amazing
  • Ridges, curves and openings to make usage extremely pleasurable
  • Molded to match the parts of Riley Reid
  • 9 inches insertable length


  • A high (but justifiable) price tag
  • You won’t last 5 minutes. Wait, that isn’t exactly a con.


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