Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Copper
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My Review of the Fleshlight Turbo

Are you wanting something to spice up things when you’re alone? Although this is a product that may seem like a different variation of other Fleshlight or Freshjack products, it is actually the closest, and best alternative I’ve found to oral sex.


It is full-sized, so it seems a bit big. However, the size does make it easier to handle. It comes stuffed into the classic case that the Fleshlight has become famous for, with a noticeable departure. This is an important factor as you don’t want to lose grip in the middle of going at it!


You have two choices of color. The copper metallic color is masculine, but the tinted blue version allows you to see the action as you use it. There’s not that many options, but let’s be honest, we’re not getting it because of colors, right?


This product has an orifice that isn’t anatomically designed. Which is good, could you imagine how creepy it could have been designing it around a mouth or a pair of lips. Don’t get me wrong, Fleshlight did a good job of their pussy and anal designs, but I think the mouth would have been too far. Instead they just designed a hole to stroke in. It is a bit stickier than the other Fleshlight products, but this adds to the experience giving it the right amount of suction for the pleasure that you seek. 

The Pros:

  • Size makes for good grip
  • Design is simple, but effective

The Cons:

  • It is sticky- Though the slight stick is fine during usage, without lube it isn’t a practical toy. It doesn’t smell, but the stickiness does attract lint hair and dust.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance- It requires a regular cleaning, not just after use but if it has sat for a minute and collected dust particles on the inside and around the holes. The end caps can be a hassle when you are finished to clean as well as getting all of the lube out of texture and crevices.
  • Preparation Hell- If you try this product without the warm up, you are going to find yourself with a chaffed penis. It isn’t a pick up and go toy, it requires a bit of time to prep but it is worth it in the end.


The wrap up

My first impression of the product was that it was just like the other pocket pussies that Fleshlight has such as the Fleshlight ice and the Riley Reid fleshlight. However, I found myself wrong on that front. It really is the closest I have come to oral sex, good oral sex. Don’t get me wrong, nothing compares to the real thing, but this is a good second. The size was a bit obnoxious at first, but then I realized that it was easy to handle and with the blue tint, I could see the action personally intensifying the feeling.

Despite all the cons, it is a quality product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a discreet stroker. It really feels like oral sex. Get this if you intend on using a toy to get away from the old habits of your hand, remember to use lube, and always keep up on the cleaning and maintenance.