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Kiiroo Onyx Review

Do you find basic masturbation stale? Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Maybe the Kiiroo Onyx is ideal for you.

There have been many advancements to the art of masturbation, including toys both manual and automatic. And now, digital. You may be wondering how you can have a stroker that is digital, well allow me to explain. The Kiiroo Onyx was originally designed with a sister product, the Pearl. Together they worked off a bluetooth connection to simulate dual pleasure between both partners whether they be next to each other or long distance. However, I will be doing a standalone review of the ONYX.

Design of the Onyx

As I touched on before, the ONYX was originally made with the connection to the sister product. Designed to contract in tune with the g-spot vibrator, this product may be bulky, but it is effective and lives up to its intended purpose.

The canal is set with a number of contracting rings, 10 to be specific, that tighten and release in order to simulate the sensation of penetration. It houses two air flow sections that enhance its experience. By releasing the air from its chamber, it provides a sensation of suction. Depending on how it is used, you can have a frantic, firm, thrust or a gentle, slow, squeeze.

Kiiroo Onyx
Kiiroo Onyx


As we all know, the material makes the toy, quite literally. It also defines the amount of pleasure you receive depending on the operation and operator. When designing this product, Kiiroo teamed up with Fleshlight in their quest to simulate the real thing. In fact, their main goal was to create an unrivaled real feel. The inner sleeve is made out of the Fleshlight patented Superskin which is a phthalate-free hygiene silicone.

Functions and Operations

For starters, this is the most advanced teledildonic masturbator and is an upgrade on a standard pocket pussy. It connects via bluetooth or internet connection with its sister product for long distance pleasure with your partner. Other than that, it uses the old button system to control the settings and speeds. As a standalone masturbator, this is still a great product to give a go with. You can just hold it in place and let the 10 rings work their magic, or you can manually stroke it as the rings contract around your rod. Either way you will feel a pleasure that you can’t achieve with your own hand.

However, there are only two functions and the device defeats the purpose of discretion by being a bit noisy. Actually, it emits a loud robotic noise that can be off putting.  


The cleaning of the inner sleeve is pretty much cut and dry, without the cut of course. The sleeve is removable, so it can be washed appropriately in order to ensure a safe, clean playtime. Just rinse your sleep with the Fleshwash after you use it, or warm water rinsing is doable. I suggest using their product, however, only on the grounds that you want to preserve the toy and the best way to do so is following the factory recommended cleaning instructions.

Keep in mind that the outer shell is not water proof and should only be cleaned with a damp rag. Let the inner sleeve dry completely before reinserting it. Also, make sure to cap it when you are done with the maintenance, due to the fact that it will collect dust and hairs on the inside as it becomes slightly sticky when it is dry.


  • Versatile on use with either its sister product, or stand alone
  • Reinvents cyber sex by being able to control it through the internet
  • Well Made
  • Quite stylish


  • Target audience is mainly traditional couples
  • Lack of appeal to the gay community
  • Sensation can be underwhelming to some
  • Loud
  • Heavy after extended use

Not a perfect product, as many aren’t, but if you require little sensation to get to climax, the Onyx can provide. When paired correctly you are able to feel closer to a long-distance partner or a good porn video from the approved sites. It holds a lot of potential and definitely brings a noble attempt to the table for the masses.


In summary, it has a great design that is unique and innovative. It requires an easy set of maintenance steps and is super easy to clean. Though it lacks a presence in the gay community, it certainly makes up for the to some extent by bringing teledildonic masturbation to fruition.