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Aneros Vice Review

Aneros Vice

Having thoroughly tested the Vice out, very thoroughly, I felt it was time to give a review worthy of the same quality as the product. First off, I would like to state that I have had many different anal vibrators. It has been an ongoing battle with most of them as they fall out, die early, or in the case of one uncomfortable situation gets lost. However, the Vice by Aneros didn’t show any of these other issues and brought something extra to the bedroom.

One of the things I absolutely loved about this product is the shape of the bulbs and how they pop in like anal beads. A little lube and it slides in with an amazing feeling of pressure as the bulbs slowly slide into place. Although, also like anal beads, the first experience with it may yield unpleasant starts. After adjusting to it, however, it is one of the most pleasurable things you can possibly experience.

Partner Fun

Me and my partner are always trying to spice things up, not from lack of excitement, but because of an urge to push our sex life further. We have tried many different toys and tools to help experience ecstasy. In our quest, we have had our fair share of products that we like, and more than our fair share of toys that made the freakiest parts of our libido recoil with discomfort or lack of pleasure. With the Vice, we find ourselves experiencing a new level of pleasure for sex and masturbation.

First Experience

A good place to start is the way you use this toy. It slides in like other tools of the trade, and locks into place for hands free usage. It really is hands free once the vibration begins to push you to the point of climax. I personally have to admit that it was uncomfortable at first. Like anal beads, it adds a bit of pressure upon insertion. My first struggle was the probably the second bulb. At first it was a bit much to push through, however, when it was in… it was IN. The first few times of using the toy took a few seconds for me to adjust, after a while though it has become a staple in the bedroom for me and my partner.

There are different types of pleasures that you receive from the Vice. It just inserts and contracts the muscles, forcing the toy forward into the prostate. But there is also added external pleasure that you get from this toy. The p-tap applies the right pressure to a bunch of nerves that intensifies the feelings you get, especially upon climax.

The Design

It is anatomically designed for personal use, made out of medical grade silicone with a stainless-steel bullet at the end. It is insanely easy to clean and feels natural when you use it. It is a little over 12cm with a 10cm bullet that inserts into it. The girth is roughly 3cm, with a base size of 9 cm. Nothing about the making of this product raises any issues or red flags, and the design is almost flawless.

It has a satin finish, making it smooth and easily cleaned. Both straight and gay men use it while having sex with their partners, girlfriends, wives, even mistresses.


Because the Aneros Vice is made from silicone, you want to ensure that it is properly cleaned and maintained. This will extend its life significantly. Because it’s covered in silicone, this toy is simple to clean, often just soapy water and a wipe down will work. If you find yourself needing, or wanting a ‘deeper clean’, you can always get a bottle of toy cleaner.

It’s best to use a good quality silicone lube, and never use a water-based lube with your silicone toys as it can wear out the silicone quicker.

Speeds and Strengths

Over the course of their operations, Aneros has provided a number of toys that have always taken things to the next level.However, this is their first prostate massager. Although, the settings could have been made to be stronger or a wider range of speeds, it does have three separate vibration patterns.

The wave, a constant vibration, and a pulsing vibration. Three different settings on speeds to match the vibration types. It works on button operation, so it limits certain movements without changing the settings.


  • Strong Vibrator
  • Well designed for prostate massaging
  • Increases maximum pleasure
  • Good for solo and duo play
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality oriented
  • Only 1 AAA battery needed
  • Multiple Vibration Settings


  • Only three settings and strength of vibration
  • Uncomfortable at first
  • Lacking higher speeds
  • Some have had issues with the operation of the vibrator
  • A little on the high side of costs
  • Can feel too big for first time users




Would I suggest this product to anyone? Well that is a huge yes and no. It depends on your level of ass play. For someone who is used to using toys and vibrators, yes this is ideal for you. Or at least worth the ol’ college try.  If you haven’t ever done anything anally, maybe you should look into a smaller more hands on toy that will get you warmed up to the idea of trying something this intense.

The benefits of this product when you are using it with your partner are vast. For starters, having it inserted during intercourse increases the pleasure threshold for both parties. It increases the intensity of orgasms for both oral and during sex. It is almost too good to explain the feeling you experience using this product.

It is an easy to use, easy to clean, hands free orgasm delivery toy that increases the intensity of your climax. Whether you are a quick to cum or you need some extra time during your alone time. I have to say that it does out preform other p-spot massagers, even the ones that cost twice as much as the Aneros Vice. Its design is similar to other products that Aneros make, but it brings the design to life with the stainless-steel bullet that has multiple speeds and settings. Well worth the buy.

My third toy (and hopefully not my last) from the Aneros line is the Aneros Vice. The Vice is the way to go if you want the best of both worlds. It’s not without its design flaws, but we’ll get to that. Still, this is a five star prostate massager that offers extreme sensations. It’s a bit pricey, but you’ll be begging for it daily.

On the positive side, the texture is an extremely smooth and slightly flexible silicone. The inside of the shaft is hollow for a reason because that is where you put the vibrating bullet. The feel is a very full feeling when it is first inserted. Don’t make this your first toy if you are not comfortable with anal penetration. I’d start with something like the Aneros Syn first.
For those with a bit more experience, the toy lubricates nicely, but it is a bit tricky to get it inserted. Since the device is hollow, it relies on your sphincter muscles to hold the vibrator (the bullet) in place. On your back, this is not much of an issue. However, if you are going to do pelvic thrusts on your knees, or if you are going to mount a partner, the bullet has a tendency to slip out.
The piece sits nicely on the prostate, but I prefer the feel of the Aneros Progasm to this. It’s a personal preference, and you may like something different. I just want you to be aware that these toys are expensive and you should really do your research before dropping a lot of money on one.
The bullet itself is made of well-crafted stainless steel. There is nothing cheap about this product at all. From the unboxing to the cleaning up, it is a premier product worthy of years of use. It takes one AAA battery, but wow, does that motor have some kick. If I recall correctly, there are 9 settings. They go from straight vibrations to weak/strong waves to quick pulses. After a set of three, it jumps up the same set but with more power.
At the straight vibration on the highest setting, you won’t know what hit you. It’s amazing. I recommend easing into that setting though… for two reasons:
  1. Getting there too fast misses the whole point of the sexual experience.
  2. Getting there too fast and staying there will ultimately cause you to desensitise to the vibrations. This will hinder your orgasm, and it will be far less powerful.

My advice:


Buy the device if you are not a beginner. Clean it before and after every use (both parts). Enjoy all the settings before you get to the big O. When you are about to orgasm, press down on it so it hits your prostate hard. This will cause an intense orgasm worthy of the high price.The Vice is the way to go if you want the best of both worlds.