Fleshlight-Ice-Packaging plus product
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Fleshlight Ice Review

Originally, I received this as a gag gift, keeping it stored away in my closet for obvious reasons. However, one lonely night I got playful and decided to take this practical gift and make it, well, practical. I was not disappointed. My first impression of the Fleshlight Ice was that it is pretty big just like the Fleshlight Turbo which takes the discretion of a pocket pussy away from the mix. This doesn’t ruin the product though.

Fleshlight Ice
Fleshlight Ice

In fact, when I started to use it, I forgot all about how big it was, mainly because of how good it feels. It does actually feel like the real thing. Since I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share my opinions regarding it to help inform and aid anyone who may be on the fence or in the market for a pocket pussy.


Receiving the Box

Discreet shipping is the primary focus for most, if not all sellers. Unmarked boxes that give no indication of what you are receiving. It comes with screw caps at both ends of a clear case. There are three different types of orifices to choose from, the lady – which is a vagina, the butt, and the pure – which resembles neither.


I ordered the lady. There is also a booklet that educates on the cleaning and maintenance of the product, as well as some special offers for other products that may interest someone who purchases the Ice. This product also comes with two samples of the companies Flesh Lube. The lube itself is water based and is very effective without drying up instantly.

Fleshlight-Ice-Packaging plus product
Fleshlight-Ice-Packaging plus product


The Size

As I stated, it is bigger than you expect. It is about 10 inches long with a 3-inch width at the big end. This doesn’t take away from the pleasure that it provides though. In fact, its size is what makes it so easy to grip and use.

Color Design

It is called Ice for a reason, it only has one transparent, ‘ice’ looking color option. The cool thing is, it allows you to watch the action if you’re into that.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Comes with lube samples
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance
  • Feels Real
  • Able to watch yourself



  • It is pretty big, less discreet
  • Using cleaning solutions other than their brand can cause a slimy residue
  • Too many attachments to choose from (Not sure this is a con to be honest)
  • Takes a minute to warm up



It gives a very realistic feeling that gets you to climax, especially when used with a prostate massager. If that isn’t your thing, you can still have fun with this Fleshlight as one size fits all. Unless you are insanely thick, then you better find something that stretches wider. It is made with a Fleshlight patented Real Feel Superskin, which is soft and pliable. It is very stretchable, only the thickest of the thick would have issues with this product. I would suggest this to a friend, discreetly of course. So, if you are in the market for a stroker that will provide positive results, the Fleshlight Ice should definitely be on your ‘try list’.  To check out other options, check out my guide to the best pocket pussy.