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b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads — Worth $140?

Hello Readers! Full disclosure, I get most of my sex toys for free. Yes, over the past 13 months or so of reviewing sex toys, I’ve purchased my share. This one, however, was provided to me for review by one of my favorite online sex retailers, LUVOQA.
This review is a long time coming, as I’ve been getting involved with other hobbies. The role of the sex blogger can become mundane after awhile. There does come a point when sticking things in my ass and writing about them just becomes boring. So, I’ve slowed it down as a means to keep that novelty alive. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads.
b-Vibe is a relatively new brand on the sex toy market, and they are focused 100% on anal play. I enjoy the philosophy behind their brand, as the founder believes in making body-safe toys that are unisex and rechargeable. Body-safe means that they will not screw up your insides. b-Vibe covers everything in a high-quality silicone. That said, don’t use silicone lube on these toys — it will eat away the covering. They also market to both men and women…and I suppose whatever other genders we are going to create over the next few years. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
My one big hang-up on b-Vibe’s products is the b-Vibe price tag. At $140 this is not something most people can purchase just for experimentation. There needs to be a good, solid reason why someone would fork over that much money for a butt plug.
Here is what the Triplet Anal Beads are at their basic level, and this is taken straight from the b-Vibe product page, here:


  • 5.4” x 1.2” soft, seamless silicone anal beads with two powerful motors
  • 6 vibration levels & 15 vibration patterns
  • One-touch, wireless remote control technology that works up to 30 feet away
  • Hypoallergenic and made from body-safe materials; The Triplet Anal Beads are phthalate-free, latex-free, and non-porous
  • Splash proof and shower friendly
  • Lithium ion battery runs 1 hour on a single charge
  • USB rechargeable – empty to full in 2 hours
  • Battery level indicator flashes when charging is required
  • Travel-ready design – all b-Vibe anal toys arrive in a convenient, discreet travel case
  • Travel lock to prevent accidental turn on
  • The Triplet Anal Beads come with a 1 year hassle-free warranty
Don’t get turned off by the size. The 5.4 inches is not that deterring when you consider that the beads are graduating in size. The whole apparatus will enter your anal canal smoothly and without fuss. Just be sure to use enough lube. If you don’t have good lube, try some of these.
What turns me off about b-Vibe products, in general, is the extreme amount of vibration combinations. At 6 levels by 15 patterns, that is a total of 90 different vibration settings you have. That is way too many! I would have been happy with on and off and maybe three different intensities. No need for that wave vibration nonsense. It’s just a marketing ploy.
The Triplet Anal Beads are splash-proof. Meaning, you can’t put a plug in your butt and go swimming. You can take a shower with it. Why you would want to do this is beyond me. Maybe it’s a fantasy of yours, but I can attest that the fantasy is better than the reality.
I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why this machine costs $140, and I’ve put together a list of hypotheses.
  1. It is marketed as a luxury item that is body-safe.
  2. It is rechargeable via a magnetic charger.
  3. It comes with a very nice carrying case.
  4. There is a remote control that purports to have a 30-foot range.
  5. The company is exclusive to anal toys.
  6. Likely, the majority of employees live in New York City, where the headquarters are located. Maybe the cost of living is paid for by the markup.
  7. A lot of time went into the language translations booklet.
  8. People inherently enjoy products more when they pay more for them. If it’s expensive, it must be amazing, right?
  9. All of their reviews (link here) are five stars. Really? Considering the page is governed by the company, I doubt they would allow one or two-star reviews.
My honest appraisal of this plug, for male usage, is that it does not do the job that a typical prostate massager can do. It’s not worth $140. For women, the b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads will definitely fill you up, add an intense feeling of texture and fullness, and will likely help bring you to orgasm quicker. Keep in mind that part of the excitement is the taboo of anal stimulation. That heightens the sexual experience regardless of the price tag. If you don’t want to spend $140 for they hype, look at some of the more reasonable products LUVOQA carries at this link. That is a link to the non-vibrating toys they carry, and I promote them over anything that vibrates.
Men, if you’re looking for something to massage your prostate that also comes from b-Vibe, then you need to write to them and tell them to make it. They’ve got four products listed on their website, and none of them are designed for prostate stimulation. Butt plugs are fun, but they will not bring you even half of the stimulation that some from Aneros or Nexus will give you. (Qualifications: I’ve put over 100 toys up my butt.)
Luckily, LUVOQA sells a myriad of male-focused prostate toys. Here is a link to those. If you want my personal recommendations, I’ll provide them to you.
Although the b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads did not perform to my standards, each person is different. If you are a man who does not like direct prostate stimulation, these will work well for you. However, they still cost way too much for me to promote them over something Aneros or Nexus makes. There are a lot of better and cheaper options that will perform just as well. If you are hung up about having a remote control, I can tell you that it’s not a great feature. Sex toy makers are constantly trying to out-do each other, and they often make some really odd stuff. If they would just stick to the basics, everyone would be a lot better off.