Why I Left Twitter

Where Did You Go?
Nowhere. I’m still here. I’m still the same sexual health blogger that you’ve been reading for almost a year now. I appreciate of you who have subscribed to this blog and encourage others to do the same. Social media, however, is just not cutting it.
A long time ago, I go rid of my Facebook account (my personal one). When I started it made sense to make a Facebook and Twitter account for self-promotion. Facebook censored everything because my page name and user name both have “sex” in them. After three attempts to remedy that situation, I gave up. No Facebook for me (neither personal nor business accounts).
Twitter seemed like the way to go…at first.
OK, So Why the Sudden Exodus from Twitter?
Reason 1:  Needless Competition and Marketing Schemes
For the first five months of my activity on Twitter, I felt like I was in some sort of competition to get followers. Heck, vendors and companies wouldn’t even talk to me unless I had a specific number of followers. Here’s a copy-paste from an email with Eroscillator Public Relations:
“Congratulations on your growth and the hard work you have put into your blog.
However, we still think that the Eroscillator is not a fit for your blog at this time.
Could you provide me with your twitter handle, I could not find it (the current minimum number of subscribers is now 1500 with followers – followed > 1000).”
Therefore, at least for Eroscillator, I need to encourage people to follow me on Twitter, while, at the same time, shunning a follow-back. I hate games like that. Extrapolated from that, if I had 25,000 followers and 25,000 people I follow, I would still not meet their arbitrary requirement.
In addition to that nonsense, I was also on the receiving end of that promotional-scheme. Meaning, people would do that to me. I grew tired of it quickly.
Reason 2: I’m a Sex Addict, and You’re Posting Porn
If you’ve looked through my blog at all, you’d see that I’m a sex and love addict. This blog is intended to promote intimacy with one’s monogamous partner and to help people overcome their sexual insecurities. The amount of porn that was shoved at me on a daily basis was for the birds.
For example, I would log onto Twitter to check messages. The first thing that would pop up is some guy trying to suck his own penis. Hell, there was one time where I swear it was a 12-year-old girl in a skimpy bathing suit. And, it was not some innocent pose either. That was enough for me to block and report the offender through Twitter’s reporting avenue.
Reason 3: I Needed to Be Left Alone, but That’s on Me
I’m a Libertarian. I really don’t care what anyone does as long as it doesn’t hurt me or someone else. I’m not going to bash people who have an unnatural desire to post 1500 pictures of their right testicle to Donald Trump. But, I got sick of muting, blocking, and ignoring said right testicle pictures. Why not change it up and show off the left one? (kidding)
Reason 4: Redundancy, Time Wasting, and Monotony
Every time I logged on, it felt like I was watching one big porn store commercial. Even the regular Joes that I followed would retweet that nonsense. Yes, I’m guilty of it, too. It just hit me the wrong way one day, and I realized I’m part of the problem. So, this is that change.
Reason 5: Lack of Real Trust
People aren’t real on there. Nearly everyone uses a pseudonym in this hobby (yes, this is my hobby; not my job). However, when I made a long-term relationship with a person or company I trusted, I would think that maybe they would trust me back and stop calling themselves by their fake names. But, that just wasn’t so. I helped one specific company out over and over again with the person disclosing their real name until after I left the Twitter platform. I felt betrayed (especially considering how open I was about my real life to that person/company).
Reason 6: Sex Positivity vs. People Just Being Sexual
There is a real movement in the USA to promote sex positivity. However, there are some people who think that means just being an unashamed slut or posting tits and ass all over the place. Truly, it’s about removing the stigma sex being a “bad” thing and embracing it as a beautiful gift to humanity. I’m sex positive, but I don’t feel that showing you pictures of gaping assholes is a way to promote that way of thinking. Conversation works so much better.
Reason 7: Political Correctness
I wasted so much time on this blog and Twitter trying to help everyone feel included. Well, I’m not going to do that. I’ve seen people argue that women are not always people with vulvas, and having a vulva doesn’t always mean you’re a woman.
People are so afraid of insulting a transsexual that they go far out of their way to describe the genitals of the person they are talking about. Here’s a real example clip, “So, my partner, who is a prostate owner…” What the fuck, people. Just say, “my boyfriend,” or “my transwoman girlfriend.” Say something that doesn’t sound so stupid!
Here’s a better idea regarding political correctness: BE POLITE!
Her’es a nice video about it:
Here’s a George Carlin video about it:
Reason 9: People Don’t Pay Enough Attention to Care
If you’ve read down this far, congratulations. You’re one of the few. But did you catch that I skipped Reason 8? When I left the platform, I had one person contact me to inquire what happened. One. I though, “Man, that sucks. I put all that work into promoting myself and no one cared.” Then, I started looking at my blog stats. Since I stopped promoting myself on Twitter, I have actually increased readership by 25% daily. How counterintuitive.
So Now What?
I realize this is a rant, and it’s a long one. The bottom line is that I appreciate those of you who come to read my reviews and tutorials. But, I don’t care to promote myself on a daily basis anymore. It was a waste of time, and time is a very precious resource. Now, instead of tweeting on Twitter, I can focus on making wine, crafting leather, and putting things up my butt and writing about them.
Sadly, I now have to go through every post and remove the “follow me on Twitter” blurb I always put at the end.