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MotorBunny — Fierce Competition Has Arrived

Hey folks! Thanks for coming back again and again to read these reviews. I use this blog as a sounding board and a way to convey the importance of sex positivity to the world as a whole. It’s nice to see more and more people using sex toys shamelessly, but we still have a long way to go.
Warning up front. If you get offended by straight-forward talking with strong opinions, go somewhere else. If you want to read my authentic thoughts, please continue.

If you don’t like to read blog posts, here is my YouTube video of the MotorBunny.

When I started this blog out about a year ago, I was obsessed with getting my Wife a Sybian. After several months, I bought one…for $1,270.00 (after a $75 discount I found on the Interwebs). Lo and behold, a few weeks later, I found MotorBunny online. Still an up and comer in the sex toy industry, I reached out to them to see if we could sample a unit and compare it to the Sybian.
What we found — The MotorBunny is less expensive, more powerful (slightly), and easier to replace the external power source (if we had to) than the Sybian. My immediate conclusion to you, if you are going to buy either a Sybian or a MotorBunny, is to buy theMotorBunny
Unless you have a hang-up about Chinese versus American manufacturing, the MotorBunny is nearly $500 less than the Sybian with the same warranty and return costs. Just for reference, even your ‘murican car has foreign parts in it (or is assembled in another country) — click here for reference.
I realize there are purists out there who need to stick to the original. Or, maybe they think this is just a clone of the Sybian. Maybe you’re one of those people who think everyone copies things like Apple products and gets pissed off every time a similar product from a different company comes out. Here’s news for you — everyone copies everyone. Need proof? Click here. Companies have been taking the best parts of products for years and making better products from those ideas. It’s the way of capitalism. MotorBunny has succeeded in doing this, and they have created, in my opinion, a better, more affordable product.

Alright, enough ranting. What is the MotorBunny?

At its basic form, it’s a Harley Davidson with a dildo on it. There is a dome sitting area that has an attachment holder. By using various attachments, the MotorBunny can act as a clitoral vibrator, dildo vibrator, dildo rotator, or a combination of both. They also have attachments for men (like the JiggleButt). But, their target market is for women.

Yes, I said it — a target market for women — not “people with vulvas.” And that’s how I’m going to roll on this blog from now on. If you’re trans and get offended at words like “women” and “men,” get your guidance from someone else. I’m tired of bending over backward to not be offensive. If you have a vulva and want to buy a MotorBunny, then just buy it and quit splicing my words. I don’t care if you’re trans, just like I don’t care if you’re cisgender.
So, now that we know what the basic idea of the MotorBunny , what are the attachments in the starter kit, and what do they do?
You get four basic PTE attachments with the MotorBunny. Oh, and they all fit the Sybian. I tested it to make sure. So, if you just want cheaper attachments for your Sybian, you can buy these.

1. The rub-only attachment. This is a clitoral stimulator only. Nothing gets inserted. It’s designed as both a warm-up attachment and a beginner’s attachment. Before diving into the insertables, you should get familiar with the way the MotorBunny rumbles and vibrates. It’s designed to vibrate through you, on you, and around you. The vibrations are not just focused on the clit, but they penetrate deep to hit the g-spot — which science has discovered might just be the hidden parts of the clit.


2. and 3. The small and medium insertable attachments. In addition to insertion, these come with an internal rod or spring that connects to the MotorBunny. Parallel to the Sybian, this rod is able to be rotated via the control panel. So, you can vibrate and rotate at the same time. In essence, it’s designed to be the ultimate orgasm machine by providing the woman with a simultaneous clitoral and g-spot orgasm at the same time. In fact, you may want to put down a towel as squirting is commonplace with powerful toys like these.

4. The enlargement attachment. This is a girth attachment that goes on top of the insertable. Thus, it will increase the full feeling you may crave.

Again, this is just the basic set. MotorBunny has premium silicone attachments that are designed to provide unique and various sensations. You can find all of their attachments (and the male JiggleButt) at this link.

As mentioned above, using the insertable attachments requires you to use either the spring or rod stabilizer tools. My YouTube video discusses how to insert these properly, but here is what they look like. The plastic rod is very tough and will offer a lot of resistance. The spring is, well, springy. You can move a bit more with that one.

Outside of the attachments, you will also get the Bunny Rest. This is a three-sided platform that is used as a place to rest your hands, arms, torso, etc. while you’re riding the MotorBunny. And, since MotorBunnyknows not all women are created with the same anatomy, they include two risers to help you find that perfect fit.

Through tutorials, the included guide, and internet forums, you will find that there are dozens of ways to use the MotorBunny. If you can’t find them using MotorBunny as a keyword, just use Sybian as a keyword. It’s like searching for Doxy Die Cast how-to’s by searching for Hitachi Magic Wand how-to’s.
My Wife’s favorite way to use the MotorBunny is the non-traditional way. Rather than sitting on it like most women do, she likes to lie on her back and hold it in a missionary position with her legs raised slightly. The weight of this machine is not so great that it will hurt. It’s actually rather comfortable. The pressure from the weight is adequate to apply intense sensation to the clit.
With all the previous discussion above, most people do not want to drop $900 on a new toy. I can understand that. So, you don’t have to make it your first sex toy. That’s kind of like buying a brand new Camry over a used Corolla. Get comfortable using some less expensive things and graduate to the MotorBunny. Ultimately, though, you really should consider buying one of these.
For those who suffer from anorgasmia, the MotorBunny might not be a miracle cure, but it will definitely benefit you more than any other sex toy out there (save maybe the Doxy Die Cast).

And BONUS! Although it’s not the most portable toy in the world, you can plug it in anywhere. MotorBunny provides a universal power adapter.