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Sportsheet Queen Size — Easy Bondage for the Beginner and Expert Alike

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since my last post, and for that, I’m sorry. I’ve had a lull in my sex life due to work and illness, but all is better now. In addition to this review of my queen size Sportsheets bondage set, I have a few others coming soon.
A while back, I reviewed another similar sheet product from Sheets of San Francisco. Both products are equally good, but they are very different in application. You can read my review of my Sheets of San Francisco at this link. In nutshell, those sheets are waterproof, oil proof, and sex proof sheets. They are designed with lube, oil, and messiness in mind.
Sportsheets takes a way different approach to their applications. Also, in a nutshell, these sheets are designed to be used for bondage play as well as creating and maintaining new sex positions. All this is accomplished with the help of velcro straps and braces. More on that in a second.
The queen size Sportsheet fits both a Queen and full-size bed. Sportsheets takes a unique approach to their design in order to accomplish this.
  • The sheet is already large enough to cover and tuck under both a queen and full-size bed.
  • Each corner has a tightening cord that runs the length and width of the Sportsheet. Simply tighten each corner to keep it firmly tucked.
  • As a redundancy measure, Sportsheets uses two width-long straps that go underneath the mattress. Essentially, the entire sheet hugs the mattress and absolutely will not come undone during your session.
It’s truly a unique design. The entire Sportsheet is made of the soft part of velcro. Not the same thick texture you may be used to, but enough texture to really secure the restraints that come with it. You might be thinking, “How can velcro keep me pegged down on a bed?” What I can tell you is that once I put the restraint bases on the four corners of our bed, it took all I had to remove them later. These things aren’t going anywhere.
Sportsheets comes mailed in an inconspicuous box. So, if you’re worried about people knowing your kinky ways, fear not. They are American made and sent with American privacy in mind. (Hint, hint Big Brother…maybe take a lesson from this company.)
Unboxing the product was a bit entertaining. The pictures on the box are reminiscent of mid-90’s pornography without the nudity or the corny music. There is a Fabio-looking dude trying out different moves on a girl who looks like she’s one of Jerry Seinfeld’s TV show girlfriends. The instructional DVD has the same style. Not a deal breaker; just a bit out of date for 2017. At least it wasn’t Ron Jeremy on the cover. Sorry, Ron, you’re still a Porcupine.
Inside the box was the Sportsheet itself, four velcro restraint bases, and four velcro bondage cuffs. Each cuff had a leash hook to attach to the base. In fact, I received two extra hooks that could be used for various handcuffing functions.
At it’s most basic element, the Sportsheet is used as a quick and dirty bondage apparatus. After strapping down the sheet to the bed (as noted above), place the restraint bases and cuffs where you want your Submissive to lie down and stretch. After cuffing him/her into the sheet, what you do next is totally up to you. Just don’t forget the Eurotrip movie safeword: Fluggaenkoecchicebolsen.

The instructional DVD will help demonstrate set-up as well as various sex positions you can achieve with the restraints, cuffs, and Sportsheet. I recommend using them for their basic purpose first and then maybe one or two positions. Until you master one or two things, you shouldn’t try to achieve every position possible. It will make the sex awkward and the mood will be totally lost. Stick with what you know and only move slightly beyond your comfort zone until that new skill is actually in your comfort zone.
If you really want to get kinky, I recommend using the Sportsheet on top of a liner from Sheets of San Francisco. This way, you can let loose with the olive oil, coconut oil, food (if that’s your thing), etc. What leaks through the Sportsheet will be help from your mattress by the Sheets of San Francisco. Both, by the way, are machine washable. Toss them like you would your regular bed sheets.
In conclusion, Sportsheets are not cheap, but they aren’t cheaply made either. If you are not someone who wants to get into bondage, then this is not for you. If you have already tried handcuffs, some rope play, or even a simple scarf to tie up your partner(s), then this is a nice next step. For people who live a full life of BDSM, you likely already have a dungeon or a set-up somewhere. This would be a nice addition to what you already use. Otherwise, consider it a portable or quick-use set-up when you don’t have the time or the means to create a full bondage atmosphere. If you haven’t clicked any of the links to check out their product, click here to order a Sportsheets package.