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Doxy Don — Anal for Everyone!

TL;DR — My YouTube video of the Doxy Don is at the bottom of this post.

I admit, right off the bat, I titled this “Anal for Everyone” and painted the Doxy Don into an anal corner. The truth of the matter is that the Don can be used for vaginal use, body massage, or even to stimulate the penis. It does not have to be labeled specifically as an anal toy. That being said, take a look at it. It’s obviously designed to be put in your butt!

Ever since Mrs. Secure received her Doxy Die Cast, I admit that I was a bit jealous. That thing takes the power of the Sybian and puts it in hand-held size. At this point, her Doxy Die Cast is always plugged in and ready to go. — No, that’s not an embellishment. It really is plugged in ALL THE TIME!

When LUVOQA contacted me to give the Doxy Don a try, I couldn’t refuse. The Don has a bit of a masculine name to it, and it begs to be a prostate massager. So, let’s take a look at what this unique piece of hardware is, what it has, and what it can do.

The Design

The Doxy Don is unique in its own right. It is a semi-portable, plug-in, extremely powerful vibrator. The silicone body is completely body safe. (It is 100% silicone. No funky chemicals. I think it’s even grass-fed and free-range organic without hormones. I digress.)

The unusual “nub” on the tip of the Doxy Don is designed specifically for anal play. We’ll dive into that later. At the base of the smaller (2.5 inch) nub, there is an intense flair that will not allow the toy to be inserted past that point. No awkward trips to the E.R. with this bad boy!

Since Doxy creates everything to have intense power, the Doxy Don needs to be plugged in. No amount of battery power is going to rev this engine — at least not in a cost-effective way. The cord is listed at 36 inches (3 feet) in length, but mine seemed more like 6 feet. For most people, this is too short for bedroom use. Get an extension cord if you really want to have some fun. They’re cheap on Amazon.

Apart from the hand-held unit, there is a separate control hub. This hub has the same elegance and functionality as Mrs. Secure’s Doxy Die Cast. The only difference is that it is not integrated into the Doxy Don handle. It is a few inches down the power cord. I feel that this is a stroke of design genius whether by accident, by design, or by necessity.

The Don is only seven inches (before the nub), so placing the control hub directly on the handle would be bothersome to whoever is using it. Also, the hardware inside is probably jam-packed together. Adding another piece on top of that would make it too bulky. By repositioning the control hub away from the handle, I’m free to manipulate the Doxy Don with one hand and change intensity with the other hand.

How Do I Use It?

Using the Doxy Don is almost self-explanatory, but there are some pointers. First, if you own a Doxy Die Case (and I HIGHLY recommend it), the controls are exactly the same. In fact, I think the vibration intensities are the same as well.

Doxy keeps things simple, and for good reason — they listen to their customers. Nobody wants 150 different combinations of intensity and patterns. It becomes a nightmare to choose the right one, and it’s never easy to get there. Instead, the Doxy Don offers two vibration patterns — constant vibration and crescendo vibration (it builds up in intensity and then starts over). To use the second one, you have to press and hold the power button. To use the constant vibrations, just press it on.

There are three buttons total. Power, up, and down. Can you guess what up and down do? That’s right, they increase and decrease intensity. Again, Doxy keeps it simple.

Now that you know how to turn it on, here is how you (men) can use it to massage your prostate. Note: I’m a guy, and Mrs. Secure doesn’t use this toy. Women can use it vaginally or externally. I don’t have a vagina, and I’m not going to use my butt plug to massage my neck.

The nub/bulb of the Doxy Don measures 2.5 inches. For some folks, that may be intimidating. I can assure you, it is a most comfortable size for beginners.

Without over-explaining the process, get some water-based lube, a towel, and some time. You’ll need time. Lay the towel down underneath you (you’re welcome, in advance), lube up both the bulb of the Doxy Don and your booty hole. Gently insert the Doxy Don, and then turn it on.

It is not my place to tell you how far in, what angle, and at what intensity you should use the Doxy Don. But, I can tell you how I use it.

I like to start out at a medium intensity. Any less than that, and it just doesn’t do it for me. When I’m about to climax, that’s when I bump it up all the way. For some people, that may be too intense. For me, it’s perfect.

Regarding angle, everyone is different. I have to really shove it in there and press toward my prostate. I feel that Doxy needs to extend the nub of the Don about 1/2 to 1 inch in order to really impress the prostate enthusiast. Once I get it right in position, I leave it there. Engaged in both prostate massage and general stroking masturbation, the Doxy Don affords me a very powerful orgasm as an end result.

At one time, the Doxy Don was named the Skittle. I don’t know if it was the same toy, slightly different, or what. For the Doxy Don 2 (if they ever make one), I suggest more length on the nub, and it will easily be a 10 out of 10. For now, it sits between 7 and 8 on my scale.

If you haven’t clicked on any of the links, get your own right here at LUVOQA.