Electrastim Prestige Electraloops — The Cock Rings I’ve Been Waiting For

Electrastim Prestige Electraloops
Electrastim Prestige Electraloops
It finally happened, everyone! I achieved my first hands-free ejaculation using the Electrastim Prestige Electraloops. For those of you who don’t know what you’re looking at, these are electrified cock rings. Electrastim has a whole line of various e-stim toys, but this is the first e-stim product (of dozens I’ve tried over the past year) that has given me a hands-free ejaculation.

Alright, Mr. Secure, What Makes These Different from Other Cock Rings?

Thank you, Rhetorical Voice. I’m glad you asked. The answer is simple: These are extremely well-crafted, high-quality, easy-to-use e-stim cock rings. If you look at the picture at the top of this post, the black loop is made from a highly conductive rubberized material. I didn’t even realize that rubber could be conductive, but Electrastim put some Disney magic in there, and BOOM…conductivity!
Next, and this is the key to the Prestige Electraloops’quality, the aluminum adjuster is probably the easiest adjuster I’ve ever used in any sex product, ever. Be the product a strap-on harness, adjustable prostate massager, or other cock rings of this type, this solid piece aluminum adjuster is smooth and stable. The colorful accents are a nice touch as well. It provides a bit of class to your kinky lifestyle. These come in gold (above), silver, or red.
The build quality of the Prestige Electraloops is far superior to any other adjustable e-stim cock rings I’ve had. For that matter, they’re higher quality than any regular cock rings I’ve ever had. At 6.5mm thick, the rubber loop is strong, durable, and stays on tightly. The 2mm pin connectors hold the leads in securely. And, the current that passes through these is consistent and evenly spread. (More about that later in the post.)
OK, I Want One. What Else Do I Need to Use Them?
Electrastim is the front-runner of the budding e-stim industry. They have something for everyone — from beginners to experts. If you are a beginner to e-stim, and more specifically, Electrastim products, then you are going to need a few things to get you started.
Of course, you’ll need to pick up a pair of Prestige Electraloop Cock Rings. Click here for those. But, they don’t come with the power unit or the leads that you will need to use them. If you have a penis, then you have a prostate (unless you had surgery). To save your money and to get the biggest bang for your buck, here is what I suggest:
  • Go to Electrastim and pick up the P-Spot Gift Pack. In this pack, you’ll get my favorite power box, the Flick Duo EM80. The Flick Duo is not just a typical TENS unit. It is specifically engineered to provide the sensations of someone stroking, massaging, and rubbing whatever you have connected to your body. It also has ports for two different leads. This means you can use your Electraloop Cock Rings at the same time you use their Silicone Noir Prostate Massager. In other words, it’s a quad-polar device — like two units for the price of one.
  • Once you’ve got the P-Spot Gift Pack in your cart, add the Electraloop Cock Rings.
So you don’t get sticker shock, you’re looking at about a $400 investment when it’s all said and done. Is it worth it? Yes! A resounding YES! The sensations you are about to experience are indescribable. I try to do my best, but the feelings are so unique that they have to be experienced to be fully understood.

Alright. I’m Sold. But, How the Heck Do I Use These?

I incorporate a dildo, the leads, the power box, and of course, the cock rings. To give you a better visual on how to put these on properly, here is an instructional illustration directly from Electrastim:
Notice in the pictures that the leads are not connected to the cock rings yet. That’s a safety tip. Don’t ever close the circuit until everything in properly placed and ready for use. You have two choices when applying the Prestige Electraloops:
  1. Put one loop at the base of your shaft and the other at the frenulum.
  2. Put one loop around your shaft and scrotum, and put the other at the frenulum.
You can play around with positions, but these are the basic two, and they will provide enough current to get you off. You have my Sexually Secure Seal of Approval (it’s an arbitrary seal, but meh)!
The next thing you need to do is connect the leads to your loops. You can connect them before or after you apply the loops, but it’s easier to do it after you have the loop placed on there and tightened down. Once the leads are plugged in, connect that lead to the power unit.
And that’s it! You’re ready to go. Start your power unit on low and work your way up. If you have a Flick Duo, you’re in for a treat. Make sure to read the manual on that, and understand how to change the settings before you start your session.
I mentioned above that the current passes through consistently and evenly. This is what I mean by that. In the past, I tried some cheap cock rings from Amazon. When I put them on and turned on the power box (they made a cheap one that ended up just hurting), the electric current was way too focused on one or two spots. It created an intolerable amount of pain to my frenulum, and it felt like it was burning through my penis.
Electrastim charges a higher price, because they have a superior quality product. When I put these on, I was scared that they were going to do the same thing as those ones from Amazon. Not at all. The current was as gentle or as violent as I wanted it to be. There was no burning sensation. It was complete relaxation with a mind-blowing orgasm at the end.

Final Thoughts

There are only a handful of high-end e-stim companies out there, but Electrastim is at the top of my personal favorites list. E-stim is not for everyone, but it would be if everyone just gave it a try. The only people for whom I would not recommend e-stim are those with heart conditions. On the same note, never pass a current through your heart. The best e-stim rule of thumb is to stay below the waist.
If you haven’t clicked any of the links above, check out Electrastim’s full line of products by clicking here.