Nexus Revo 2 -- 6 Combinations of Automatic Prostate Massage

I realize this is my third review in a row from Nexus, but I'm playing catch-up right now, and they are the first in line. Nexus was kind enough to send me a box full of goodies to review for you. Like always, that company never lets me down. They are innovative, creative, and adept at making some of the most incredible prostate massagers on the market.

What Is This?

The above picture is the Nexus Revo 2 Recharged. From here on out, I'll just call it the Revo 2. It is a six-setting, rechargeable, rotating prostate and perineum massager. It is NOT waterproof, so don't go taking it into the bath or shower with you. 

TL;DR -- My YouTube Video of the Revo 2 is embedded at the bottom of this post.

If you own the Nexus Sparta (my review of that here), this is not the first time Nexus has colored outside the lines of innovation. Unlike the Sparta, which has a "come hither" motion that strokes my prostate, the Revo 2 is designed to roll around the prostate in a circular motion. The feelings of this are incredibly unique to any sex toy I've tested before this. If I had to choose between this and the Sparta, I would easily choose the Sparta. That is because I prefer direct stroking on my prostate rather than a rolling motion. However, this is, by all means, an amazing toy that brought me very close to prostate orgasm.

In short, yes, this is a product I recommend to you if you want to further your collection of automatic prostate massagers. 

How Big Is It?

Now, about the size and function. The Revo 2 from tip to base is just over six inches -- that's a true six inches, not the penis-measurement six inches :-P The insertable length of the massager is just at four inches. For most men, that is plenty of length to penetrate and reach the prostate. Keep in mind that the Revo 2 does bend slightly (but not that much) once inside you. So if you have a prostate that is closer to the anus, you should still be able to feel it. If you are either extremely tall or short, I ask that you contact Nexus to see if you should buy this and/or what other options there are.

Lastly, regarding size, the perineum massager is about four inches in length. This is enough to cover and cradle most men as well. It sits snugly underneath the anus and pushes gently on the perineum either while on the vibration setting or not. There are raised rubber bumps that help give the massager both sensation and grip. The grip is nice, because it does not allow the Revo 2 to twist around. Thus, it keeps the rotating head just where you want it -- on the prostate.

How Do I Use It?

Only use water-based lube or olive oil with this product. The Revo 2 is made of silicone, that means silicone lube will eventually disintegrate the toy. Not cool when you're paying hard earned money for something. 

Once it is lubed up, simply slide it up inside you. It's girthy, but it's not nearly as girthy as most of their massagers. The key function of this toy is to give you direct prostate massager, not to "fill you up," as it were. The rubberized button on the bottom of the base is where all the magic happens. Simply press it, and off you go. 

There are six distinct settings with the Revo 2. The first three are exactly the same as the second three, except that the first three settings are slower paced. Setting one and three are specifically for the rotating head. There will be no vibration. Setting three is roughly double the RMPs as setting one. The other four settings activate the perineum massager. Rather than get into the weeds with written word, check out the video at the bottom to get a good idea of how this functions.

The key to the Revo 2 is to relax completely. For me, I had to sprawl out on the floor (with a towel down for pre-cum) and just let the massager do its work. It took about a minute to find the exact position that worked best for me. Basically, I just looked like a passed out drunk guy sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall. But remember, you'll likely be doing this solo, so no one is looking at your funny positions, right?


If you are going to use this for solo play, you'll love it. If you try to use it during sex, you will hate it. It's not made for sex. The charge on this will last about 1.5 hours. That will give you, if you want it, a continuous 1.5 hours of prostate massage. I really suggest getting comfortable on the floor, putting it in, and letting it do its work. If you can last that long, you'll likely write to Nexus directly to thank them for creating such a marvelous toy. If you can go longer than 1.5 hours, then have a Nexus Sparta fully charged on hand. Between those two toys, you won't leave home for a few days.

If you haven't clicked on any of the links thus far, click here to get a Nexus Revo 2. It's costly, but it's worth it. While you're there, pick up a Sparta as well. You'll thank me later.

As promised, here is the YouTube video. Please let me know what you think -- comments, criticisms, suggestions are all welcome. Trolls, go away -- I already paid my fee to cross the bridge. Thanks!

YouTube Video

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