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Tenga Air-Tech Twist Tickle & Ripple — The Newest Mastrubation Sleeves from Japan

Hey folks! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted something. Not being lazy; just had a lull in sexual wellness products to review. That, and I’ve started working with leather — went 100{c9c2af4b5d4a37e7f7aeb1a537bd00aa7177ada5e7073e46455833a8c363b1d6} at it for a bit. Tenga Global (Tenga for the rest of this post) was kind enough to send me two samples last week. These are their newest male masturbation sleeves available to the public. They are the Air-Tech Twist Tickle and Ripple.
Why I Don’t Typically Review Masturbation Sleeves:
If you are an avid reader of my posts, you’ll notice I rarely review masturbation sleeves. That is because I really just don’t care for them all that much. Over 20+ years of masturbation, I think my hand can outperform just about any toy thrown at me. However, I am a huge proponent of prostate stimulators. That’s something that my inflexible body just can’t do on its own. All that aside, I am always happy to help a company review a product if they are a legitimate business and there is a market for their products.
The masturbation sleeve market is dominated by two companies — Tenga and Fleshlight. Never have I ever reviewed or want to review a Fleshlight product. They never answer my emails to review their products…not even to say no. Even when I had a question about their products in general, they just ignored the email. Tenga, on the other hand, has always returned my inquiries. Good on you, Tenga!
What Are These?
At their basic designs, these two versions of the Air-Tech Twist are the same thing. The only difference is the internal sleeve design. The outer shell is composed of a top twisting mechanism (more on that in a minute), a sleeve holder that has a twisted inner design which works with the twisting mechanism, an air vent to induce tightness even further, and a cap for stowage.
The sleeves are designed as the Tickle and the Ripple. The Tickle has bumps throughout the inner sleeve which stimulate your shaft and glans. The Ripple has spiraling ridges throughout its design. Need me to recommend one to you? Get the Ripple. The Tickle is OK, but it just doesn’t have the sensation power that the Ripple has. I can feel the Ripple all the way up and down my member. The Tickle, in my opinion, might be better if it was just a smooth surface.


How to Operate Them:
First and foremost, use water-based lube. The Twists each come with a tube of it, but use more if you need to. Without the lube, your penis will look more like the eggplant emoji than a real penis when you’re done. 🍆
Ok, so the twisting mechanism and what it does: If you pull out the sleeve of the Twist, you’ll see a spiral design inside the shell itself. When the sleeve is inserted, it rests against these spirals. During a masturbation session, and as a means to intensify and tighten the tube, you simply twist the top of the toy. There are several settings, and each one gets it tighter.
On the tightest setting of the Twist, I was impressed by the feel of it. It was as if the Twist was trying to push my penis out of the tube, and I had to fight to keep it in. It created an intense feeling like that of a vagina that is fully engorged and extremely tight. Keep in mind though that this is not modeled after a vagina, and it doesn’t feel quite the same. There are similarities, but nothing beats the real thing.


The top of the tube has an air vent drilled into it. This is yet another option you have if you want to increase or decrease tightness and suction. Unlike some sleeves on the market, the Tenga Twist models do not have a sleeve with a hole on both ends. That means the suction vent at the top, when covered, will create a more intense sucking feeling that other models on the market.
Speaking of holes on either end…with a lack of holes on either end, clean-up is a bit of pain. You have to remove the sleeve entirely, flip it inside out, and wash it with cold soapy water. You can use warm water, but if you cum inside your toys, warm water will curdle the semen, and that’s just gross. No one wants scrambled eggs on their sex toys. That, and once it’s curdled, it becomes super sticky and nearly impossible to remove completely. Just take my word on this one.
Final Thoughts:
Tenga usually makes very ingenious products, and they are pleasant to use. The company is also very easy to work with. The Tenga Twist (either model) was just not for me. If I had to choose between the two, I wouldn’t…I’d get the Tenga Flip Zero. It’s much easier to clean, a lot of fun to use, and really futuristic looking. That’s a benefit for those of you who are robosexual.
As far as masturbation sleeves go, these two fall in the average category for me. I think I would have better success with them if I pulled the sleeve out of the shaft and used them manually with my own twisting.