Nexus O -- Simple Design but Intense Satisfaction

Bottom line up front: The Nexus O has become my new favorite hands-free solo prostate massage.

TL;DR -- My YouTube video of the Nexus O is at the bottom of this post.

From the beginning of my prostate massage journey, the first thing I thought was, "Why don't more men enjoy this on a regular basis." Frankly, it's because there is a still a strong taboo on men sticking things in their butts, and that somehow makes them gay. Well, here are some takeaways: 
  1. Being gay makes you gay.
  2. Prostate massage makes you orgasm harder than anything you've experienced before.
  3. Prostate massage has the potential to help you achieve multiple male orgasms (prostate-focused).
If you need more information on prostate massage, check out my article about it: click here.

Now, onto the Nexus O and why it so awesome. Nexus is slowly becoming my new favorite prostate massage brand. They are on par, and sometimes excel over Aneros.  The company has developed a design that works, and they have stuck with it. The biggest thing I have noticed regarding Nexus from Aneros is that they are not afraid to push the limits on size. Not to speak ill of Aneros, but the Nexus line has products for the very beginner all the way up to the Nexus Ace Large, for size kings. 

The Nexus O has a very simplistic design that was extremely underwhelming when I first took it out of the box. It looks like a giant bull ring -- you know, the kind they show in those old cartoons where the ring goes through the bull's nose. 

I took out the instruction booklet, because this was not the same as the prostate massages I've been used to. In the booklet, I noticed that they don't just talk about how to insert the toy, but Nexus also discusses how to breathe, massage, squeeze, and relax while using the toy.

You'll notice in the pictures that the Nexus O has three balls. Two are located on the tips and one is in the middle. From tip to center (while curved) it measures at just about four inches. Each bulb has a diameter of about one inch. I'm not the most scientific person in the world, and my measurements are far from extreme accuracy, but you can see by the ruler that they line up to be about that. On the Nexus O's purchase site, they state the diameter of the balls is 3.82 inches, but I'm pretty sure they meant the circumference. There would be no way I'd but 3.82 inches of diameter past my butt cheeks.

Using the Nexus O is both easy and difficult, and here's why. The instructions state not to push the toy inside yourself past the second ball. Meaning, you can insert the second ball, but don't push the whole toy inside you. You may laugh at that common sense, but here are some pictures of people who do dumb things to their derrieres.

Oh, and use water-based lube...or olive oil. Don't use silicone lube as it will ruin the silicone of which the Nexus O is made. 

So, the difficult part for me was keeping the Nexus O inside me past the second bulb. My butt was just not having it. However, I didn't need to go in that far. The Nexus O is has a unique design that will benefit almost every guy. The way that it is curved, and the way that it bends gently are two design features that will enhance prostate massage unlike most toys. All prostate massagers I've used hit one of three areas: too high, too low, or just right. I do declare that the Nexus O hits the Goldilocks zone for the majority of men.

The bulbs on either end are equal in size and shape. Unlike the Njoy Pure Wand, you do not get to play around with different sizes. However, the bulbs are perectly shaped on this seemless piece of silicone that they provide a continuous moderate to gentle pressure where I want it most -- the prostate and the perenium simultaneously.

Once it is inserted, the key is to do two things. First, relax. Breathe and relax. Then, rock back and forth on the ground. For a more intense pressure, I recommend sitting on a harder surface. Even a carpeted floor (with a towel laid down) is a hard enough surface to press nicely on the p-spot. On the bed or a pillow is good for those who desire a more gentle rub. Just make sure that whatever you choose, you cover it with a towel. The Nexus O hits my prostate just so, that it makes me pre-cum almost instantaneously. 
Once you get used to the feeling, you can use it as long as you want. To practice edging and bring yourself to the ultimate ejaculation orgasm, I suggest rocking on this for a long time. When you get that feeling of needing to cum, start stroking yourself. Right before you hit the point of no return, stop everything. Stop rocking. Stop stroking. Stop thinking about it all. Let your body resorb the energy and, when you're ready again, strat rocking. Continue that process until you just can't take it anymore. You'll know when you reach that point. And then, let it flow. 

I can say from experience, years of prostate massage, and paying attention to detail through blogging, the Nexus O is worth every penny of its reasonable ~$50 pricepoint. 

If I had to pick one thing that I would improve, it would be a way for the Nexus O to stay inside me while having sex. As it stands right now, this toy is made exclusively for rocking back and forth while on the ground. As long as you know that going into the purchase, the Nexus O will exceed your expectations. If you haven't clicked any of the links for the Nexus O, click here and get yourself one.

YouTube Video

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