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The Nexus Gyro — 360° of Heightened Arousal

I have yet to be disappointed with a Nexus product. From the nearly 100 various prostate massagers, wands, and plugs I’ve reviewed both on here and Amazon, Nexus either met or exceeded my expectations time and time again. Today we’re going to discuss both the unique design and usage of the Nexus Gyro.
TL;DR — My YouTube video of the Nexus Gyro is at the bottom of this post.

Ironically, I was working with a glass blower in Canada to see if we could develop something like the Gyroeven before I saw this massager. If you know anything about glass blowing, then you realize the amount of work, tools, and skill that goes into turning out a product like that. It was a design I wanted in order to be able to sit and rock in all directions. Not even Rocks-Off had something like that. Not a month later, and Nexus sent me a gift pack with this insanely original and incredible design.

One thing you’ll notice right away about the Gyro is that it’s not afraid to give you some girth and angle. Far too often, I run into prostate massagers that are as slim as a finger. For the beginner, that’s fine, but for us veteran’s, we need something with a little more oomph! Thank you, Nexus, for having the courage and marketing risk to create something for the initiated.
The most obvious feature of the Gyro is the base. The base is a semi-sphere that is seamlessly molded into the entire massager as one smooth, non-porous cast of silicone. The silicone used has a very firm texture with only slight forgiveness (wiggle). From the tip to the bottom of the base, the curved Gyro measures around 6.5 inches. However, the actual insertable length is more like 3.5 – 4 inches. The cross-section at the widest point of insertion puts the diameter at just shy of 1.5 inches.
Some of you who are beginners or novices in the practice of prostate massage might shy away from something with these measurements, but I’m here to tell you that you can handle it. Nexus is even so kind as to provide an instruction book with their products that will tell you how to breathe and relax before and during the use of your new Gyro.
The key to using the Gyro is lots of water-based lubrication, a firm surface to sit on, a towel, and some time. You never want to rush the experience. If you do that, not only do you risk injury, but you will also miss out on some exquisite sensations…including the coveted prostate orgasm.
Once you have your towel down and Gyro lubed up, gently insert the massager while breathing. If you’re a veteran to this, you’ll have it in within 5 seconds. For most guys, this might take a minute or two. You have two sphincter muscles at your rectum/anus. One of them in easily controlled with thought. But, the internal sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (like your heartbeat is). For that, you need to take time and relax. Let your sphincter accept the Gyro. Once it’s in, everything will ease up, and you’ll be off to a great experience.
From that point, it’s all about edging and rocking around. Note that the Gyro is a true semi-sphere. This allows you the freedom to rock front to back and side to side. The angles of the massager have two bends. The bend at the base of the shaft folds the Gyro toward the prostate at about 20°. About 2.5 inches up, and there is a second bend of another ~20°. The design is crafted as to allow full insertion into the rectal cavity, but at the same time offer a gentle nudge on the p-spot (where it all counts).
When rocking on the Gyro, my best sensations were felt sitting with my legs out and knees bent to the outside (essentially making a circle with my legs where my feet almost touch). By rocking aggressively forward, the Gyro hit my prostate with a gentle but firm massage. By maintaining slight rocking movements in that position, I was able to bring myself to the brink of prostate orgasm. But, unless my settings are just right, it’s hard for me to get out of my head and just let it happen. So, over and over again, I continued to bring myself to the cusp. When I couldn’t take any more of the sensation and needed to cum, only then is when I used my hands. At that point, it took about 20 seconds to ejaculate, and the orgasm lasted about 30 seconds.
The overall feeling, after a long session with the Gyro, was an incredible sensation of cathartic release. Whether or not prostate massage has true medical benefits or is just fringe science and medicine, I can say anecdotally that it feels amazing to have it emptied. The intense (but not too intense) pressure of the Gyro felt like it prepped my prostate to drain completely upon ejaculation. The feeling I got after having cleaned up was similar to the feeling I get after a good run. There were endorphins, a refreshing sensation in my body, and a general aura of happiness and well-being.
For roughly $50 USD, this is one for your collection. If you haven’t clicked any of the links provided so far, click here to get yourself a Nexus Gyro. Let me know what you think of it. 😉
YouTube Video