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Rocks-Off Ro-Zen Pro — Hours of Fun for Solo Play

Hey folks! It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Between moving across the country, buying a new home, and the holiday season, things have been busy. I’m sure it’s been busy for you, too.
Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Rocks-Off Ro-Zen Pro (pictured above). A few weeks ago, LUVOQA gave me the chance to review the Big Boy IntenseRocks-Off then asked me for an honest review of their Ro-Zen Pro. Of course, I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. Always on the search for another prostate experience.
TL;DR: My YouTube Video of the Ro-Zen Pro is at the bottom of this post.
What Is It?
The Ro-Zen Pro varies quite a bit from its little brother, the Ro-Zen. If you take a look at the pictures of the Ro-Zen original (here), you’ll notice that it’s shaped more like a traditional butt plug. The Pro offers the same penis and scrotum rings from the Ro-Zen, but it also has a more aggressive design. Where the Ro-Zen original will go inside and amplify nerve sensations like a traditional plug, the Pro angles itself directly on the prostate itself.
In addition to the direct pressure applied to the prostate gland, you’ll also get the USB rechargeable 10-setting bullet vibe. Think outside the box on this guys — you can use the bullet vibe by itself, on yourself, on your partner, and as a deterrent for your cat when he tries to join in the festivities…yes, that happens often in our house. The bullet vibe is recharged using a USB to pin charger, which is all included in the package. Just for your situational awareness, Rocks-Off sells their Ignition Bullet Vibratorby itself for roughly $37 (when converted from British pounds). Needless to say, it pays to get the package deal with a plug like the Ro-Zen Pro.
The Design and Usage
You’ll notice in the top picture and the one below that the Ro-Zen Pro is not a traditional butt plug. There are a lot of designs out there that are similar to this, but they are not the same thing. First and foremost (and being a safety guy — I won’t ever recommend anything to you that’s dangerous), Rocks-Off makes everything body safe. The Ro-Zen Pro is made of body-safe silicone and contains a waterproof vibrator. That in mind, don’t ever use silicone-based lube with a toy that is made of silicone. The chemical reaction will not be immediate, but it will melt your very expensive toy. Just used water-based lube, and you can’t go wrong.
I mentioned above that the Ro-Zen Pro has an aggressive design that will press firmly against your p-spot (slang for prostate). When I say aggressive, I’m not talking about Nexus Titus aggressive. That thing is almost too much some. This will not dig into your prostatic urethra like the Titus. The Ro-Zen Pro is softer, gentler, but still able to apply a firm push where you want it most.
Because the Ro-Zen Pro has a powerful vibrator, it makes the tapered base a little too wide to stay in on its own. This means it’s not a great choice to use if you’re going to have sex. For me, I had to sit on it the entire time in order to keep it in. I noticed that with the Big Boy Intense as well. This could be considered a design flaw, but it’s all in your expectations. For me, a company name like Rocks-Off insinuates that it will be used while rocking on it. Therefore, it’s not a disappointment when used for solo masturbation.
So, onto the masturbation part of it. I’ve never been a huge fan of scrotum rings (ball rings)…especially when they are paired with a cock ring. Nonetheless, I gave this one a shot. To my surprise, it was very well designed. Every person is developed differently. There is no true average person. Rocks-Off, I believe, knew this going into the design. The silicone rings and extension from the plug are incredibly stretchy. Even though the material is stretchy, it still has a tough resilience and applies a firm grip to both my shaft and scrotum. Once it was attached, it stayed on through the whole masturbation session…well, until I was ready to cum. I’ll get to that in a minute.
The Ro-Zen Pro, to me, is designed more for edging than for a quick jerk or sex session. By gripping firmly around the shaft and scrotum, the Ro-Zen Pro kept me erect hands-free for a long time while I rocked on the plug. With some plugs, prostate massage has a counterintuitive effect on my erections. The intense stimulation to the p-spot actually (sometimes) causes me to lose altitude. With the Ro-Zen Pro’s cock ring, that was not an issue.
One thing that might come up for you when using the Ro-Zen Pro is that you might hit the vibrator button unintentionally. Considering that you will insert the plug inside your anus, the vibrator sticks out just slightly. While rocking back and forth on it, you will play around with angles until you find the perfect one. During that discovery period, for me, I tended to rock on the vibrator button, thus changing the pattern. It’s a slight annoyance, but it can be overcome. Like any new toy, there is a learning curve.
Some of you reading this might think that I have p-spot orgasms all the time. That’s just not the case. A lot of that is a state-of-mind thing, and lately, I have had zero success achieving prostate orgasm. After rocking back and forth on this for nearly 40 minutes, it just wasn’t going to happen. So why did I do it that long if I wasn’t going to have a p-spot orgasm? It felt good. Masturbation is not solely about orgasm. Enjoying the intense sensations, discovering pleasure you didn’t know you could have, and learning about your body — these are the important things to take away. That said, I still needed to cum. But I couldn’t do it with the scrotum and cock ring on. I removed that, kept rocking, and used my hand for about a minute (with a lot of lube). The orgasm that followed was incredibly powerful. It felt like I was going to have a far-shooting ejaculation, but it was more of a slow pulse. Likely, this is because I was pushing on the organ that prompts ejaculate pumping.
Final Thoughts
If you want a plug to use during sex, this is not it. If you are looking for an edging experience for long-term solo masturbation, this is perfect. Lay a towel down on the floor, lube it up with a lot of water-based lube, and enjoy hours (if you choose) of incredible sensations.
I think the price point is right for the quality, design, rechargeability, and waterproof characteristics. If you’re looking to bring in the New Year with a unique and awakening experience, consider getting the Ro-Zen Pro. This, a bottle of good whiskey, and a few hours of free time — you’ll be on your way to personal masturbation heaven in no time. If you haven’t clicked any of the links for the Ro-Zen Pro, click here to get your own.