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Doxy Die Cast — It Sells Itself


The title really gives away the secret on this one. It really does sell itself. Think of products like Apple, Samsung, Hitachi Magic Wand, Subaru, etc. They are all companies who create products that literally need no advertisements. People will seek out information about them rather needing to have it blasted to them via online ads, commercials, etc. Doxy has become the Apple the sex toy industry. The Doxy Die Castis the next big thing.
TL;DR — My YouTube review of the Doxy Die Cast is at the bottom of this post.
For those of you who are not into linguistics, let a nerd like me tell you that the word “doxy” is an archaic term for lover or mistress. Even with my amateur photography of this elegant machine, the Doxy Die Castcan shine her majestic elegance to the world. She truly is a third lover in our bedroom.
It might seem at first look that the Die Cast is just another vibrating wand. That line of thinking is going to drain your wallet for the next ten years until you buy one of these. We have in excess of a dozen different wands and vibrators (both plug-in and cordless). When the Doxy Die Cast came in the mail, it was the equivalent of that foreign exchange student that comes to your American high school. There is an air of mystery and intrigue that surrounds her.
The Doxy Die Cast is just that…it has a cast aluminum and titanium handle with a medical grade silicone, high RMP, rumbly bulbous head attached to it. The controls are simple: power, up, and down. Embedded in the controls, there are blue LEDs that glow subtly and enhance the visual appeal while you are loving yourself. It also helps your (optional) partner watch you embrace the sexual power this wand induces.
How to Use It
The Doxy Die Cast has a very intuitive user interface. The geek in me might come out as I talk about the usage, which is a juxtaposed style considering the poetry of this beautiful creature.
The Die Cast has a cord of approximately 10 feet. When I measured it with my tape measure, I got 9 feet 6 inches. It was not an exact measurement — more a “pull the cord along the tape” kind of thing. Regardless, this is plenty long enough to plug into the wall and reach the middle of our queen size bed. If you need something longer, extension cords are rather cheap at your local hardware store or Amazon.
Turning the Die Cast on simply takes you pushing the power button. Starting at the lowest setting, you can adjust it all the way up to 9000 RPM. If you want the Die Cast to rev up automatically from low to high, then, while the Doxy is turned off, press and hold the power button for two seconds. It will then start at the lowest RPM setting and work it’s way to the highest setting. This particular setting is not for us, but we absolutely love the manual control of the default configuration.
Turning it off is as easy as turning it on. That said, it will be a while before you’ll want to turn it off 😉
Why Should I Spend $200 On This?
My Wife and I have been testing out sex toys for years. Only recently have I decided to start reviewing them. Let it be known that I bought this Doxy Die Cast at full price from Couples Playthings, because, as stated earlier, it sells itself. I had reached out to Doxy a while ago, and they put me on the waiting list to test their product at no cost. I couldn’t wait that long. Doxy, you now have both my money and free advertisement!
There are a lot of products out there that claim amazing things. Products that have to claim those amazing things are usually mediocre at best. People who claim amazing things for that product, well, that’s a whole different story. After reading dozens of blog posts, reviews, and watching YouTube videos, there was no doubt in my mind that this thing could perform.
It’s not unlike me to drop a lot of money on sex toys. We have $1500 worth of Sybian in our closet. Nothing against the Sybian, but it can be a bit of hassle to put it together, set it up, get it revved up, and get her (Mrs. Secure) off. There are a lot of claims that the Sybian can help treat women’s anorgasmia. That may be true, but the cheaper, more portable option is the Doxy Die Cast. If the Doxy Die Cast can’t make you cum, I don’t know what will.
Mrs. Secure is blessed in the orgasm achievement category, but it still takes some work. The Hitachi Magic Wand used to be our go-to wand to get her off. It’s well-constructed, takes a beating, and lasts forever. You would be hard pressed to find a wand that could out-perform it…and then came the Doxy Die Cast.
With the silicone head (not PVC like the Hitachi or standard Doxy), the heavy construction, and the incredibly powerful (and somewhat quiet) motor, the Die Cast stands alone in the class of external vibrators and wands.
No kidding, the Doxy Die Cast can produce an orgasm for Mrs. Secure in under 90 seconds. And that’s from a cold start (no foreplay).
It Sounds Like You’re Blowing Smoke Up Doxy’s Ass
Yup, it sure sounds like that. But I’m not. I don’t make any money from this post, no affiliate links (links are just the trusted place from where I purchased it), and I don’t care if you buy it or not. Consider this post a blog article on money-saving tips regarding sex toys. You can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on dozens of toys, and you’ll be left in a world of mediocrity. Or, you can pony up the $200 to buy the Doxy Die Cast and never have to buy another sex toy again (…unless you need penetrating toys or something quiet).
Are There Any Cons to Your List of Pros?
Absolutely! Of course, all pros and cons are subjective to the user. For us, I wish the cord was longer by default. But this is coming from a couple of kinks who like to move around, change positions, and get a little freaky. A longer cord would make that a little easier.
The one common “con” I hear from the community (and from us) is that it’s really cold before you get it turned on. The Die Cast is made of metal. Metal is a conductor. This means it will be room temperature, but it will suck the heat straight from your hands (giving the illusion that it is colder than it really is). Until the wand reaches a homeostasis with your hands, it will feel a bit cold. The bulb, however, is silicone. Silicone is not a great conductor, so it feels warm rather quickly.
As promised at the beginning of the post, here is my YouTube video of theDoxy Die Cast.
If all of this has you excited, and you just can’t wait to get one, click here to get your very own Doxy Die Cast!