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Rocks-Off Big Boy Intense — It Really Is Big…But It Sure Feels Nice

Being a male sex toy tester is not as easy as some folks might think it is. I’ve read a lot of blogs (by cisgender women), and frankly, I’m jealous of the selection they have. Everything from classic bullets, dildos, vibrators, the Sybian (and Motor Bunny), Hitachi Magic Wands, Doxy, and the list goes on. They have clitoral, vaginal, and anal toys — and any combination therein. Us guys — we get the generic masturbation sleeve and prostate massagers.
No, I’m not trying to be snarky, and I’m not saying that female-marketed toys can’t be used on the male body. But toys that are specifically designed for men, a lot of them really suck. Someone once wrote me to call a toy crap if it’s crap. I’m not afraid to do that — I just choose to only post about toys that I actually use and enjoy. I’m still on the fence about pushing out negative reviews. If you think it would benefit the community, let me know, and I’ll get on it.
TL;DR — My YouTube video is at the bottom of the post.
What Have We Got Here?

OK. Enough of my rant. Let’s break down this little gem — wait, little? Heck no. The Rocks-Off Big Boy Intense is just that, big. In fact, it’s much bigger than I first expected. Pictures don’t really do it justice, so I’ll try to emphasize it in my YouTube video at the bottom.

I was sent the Rocks-Off Big Boy Intense from a company I trust and respect — LUVOQA. A little about LUVOQA —

As a member of the NAASAS Compact for Safe Sexual Products, belongs to a select group of stores in the intimacy space that maintain a rigorous commitment to selling only body safe and non-toxic sex toys and accessories. takes the additional measure of only stocking toys made from materials with a low degree of porosity (silicone) or no porosity (glass, stainless steel, ABS plastic).

So what does that mean? Well, being a Navy Sailor, LUVOQA speaks directly to my heart — they put safety first. Did you ever wonder why sex toys are listed as novelties? It’s a way for the industry to bypass FDA and safety regulations (such as medical devices) and not be held liable. LUVOQA knows this, so they work with companies who do ensure their products are safe for you to use. You know that weird jelly dildo you tried during your early experimenting years? Throw it out. It’s probably porous and harbors bacteria. Go to LUVOQA, and find something safe (and a whole lot more fun).

The Big Boy Intense comes with a rechargeable and very powerful vibrator. At first, I was skeptical that the vibrator (being positioned in the base, rather than the shaft of the toy) would be weak. I wasn’t completely wrong here. By designing the majority of vibrations to massage the perineum, the strength of the power only travels mildly up the shaft.

The whole toy (minus the bullet) is constructed of body-safe premium silicone. If you think about the logic of vibrations, think of sound. When you talk in a padded room, it muffles the sound. If you talk in an empty room with hard walls, it reverberates. This concept can be carried into prostate massagers like the Big Boy Intense. If you really want the vibrations to get your “Rocks-Off,”then put the bullet in the shaft.

A design element that I want to highlight as a potential negative is the usability. If you are only going to use this for solo play, you’re in the clear. If you want to use it during intercourse, ensure your positions are such that you are always on the bottom. This massager, though big, has a tendency to slip out if you’re not sitting on it. BUT, and this a big takeaway here — sitting on the Big Boy Intense is its ultimate strength. Let’s break it down.
I assume the company name Rocks-Off came as a double entendre — the first meaning is that you will orgasm (getting your rocks off), and the second meaning is that you actually rock on the toy in order to produce prostate massage. If you are inexperienced with prostate massage, I encourage you to start out with something much smaller. If you are experienced, and you’re a size-minded person, then give this onea go.

How to Use ItOnce you lube it up with water-based lube (silicone lube will corrode your silicone toy), gently massage your anus and start to slip it in bulb by bulb. After the third one goes in, your sphincter will grab the base firmly. Referring back to my previous point on usability, the Big Boy Intense has a tendency to slip out if you aren’t actively pressing on it.

When it’s all the way in, and you are accustomed to it being there, you have the option of turning on the vibrator or leaving it off. The vibrator (it’s plastic made to look like stainless steel) is just OK. I’m not a huge fan of it, but regardless, I had to leave it in there to give the base some solidarity. If you remove the vibe completely, the Big Boy Intense will bend, and it won’t give you the full massage.

The strength of the silicone is plenty to apply pressure where it’s needed most — your prostate. The bigger bulb at the tip makes it ideal for people who do not want aggressive pressure, but prefer a gentler massage that will encompass the full area of the P-spot.

Though I did not experience a prostate orgasm (yet) from this toy, the feelings I achieved were incredible. It feels like a gentle pressure with a fuller feeling than most other toys of this nature. If you are someone who practices edging, the Big Boy Intense, along with some slow masturbation, will help you achieve a very powerful climax when you are ready.

The bullet vibe, by the way, has a recharging port. I noticed when I tried to pull it out of the massager that the tip popped off. So, be careful when you are removing it. A little super glue will fix that right up, but is a sign of cheap manufacturing that I don’t care for. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is a minor annoyance. For around $100, I expect near perfection. Franky, I think Rocks-Off would do better just eliminating the bullet vibe altogether.

Final Thoughts

If you want something to fill you up, gently massage your prostate, and only want it for solo use, the Big Boy Intense is a nice product. If you need something to be used during intercourse, you need to look elsewhere. You have to actually sit on this toy and rock back and forth to get the full effect. The effects of it are nice when used that way, but you might have to adjust it every few minutes. The ejaculation orgasm I achieved when using this in addition to masturbation was very intense. That’s always a great sign that I will continue to use a product in the future.