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ElectraStim Jack Socket E-Stim Stroker — The Masturbation Sleeve with Some Kick

It’s been a few months since I received a gift from ElectraStim. The last package I received from them was the P-Spot Gift Pack (my full review here). Quite impressed with their products, I reached out to them to see if they would allow me to review their ElectraStim Jack Socket E-Stim Stroker. For the rest of this article, and for the sake of brevity, I’ll just call it the Jack Socket.
TL;DR — My YouTube video of the Jack Socket is at the bottom of this post.
What Is the Jack Socket?
Anyone who has ever heard of companies like Tenga or Fleshlight may already know what a masturbation sleeve is. At its most basic form, a masturbation sleeve is a vaginal (or oral/anal) simulator. The sleeve is generally designed with a variety of silicone (or similar material) that incorporates bumps, ridges, and divets throughout the interior. When you insert your penis, with lube, of course, it gives the sensation of sexual intercourse.
The Jack Socket from ElectraStim is very similar to that, but they add their signature touch — an electric shock. Now, before you go running away scared of the electricity, it’s not like that scene from Taken 2 where Liam Neeson jabs the guy in the legs with nails and sends a charge through his body. No. This is a gentle (or extreme, if you want to go that high) electric “massage.”
E-stim, or electrostimulation as it’s more formally known, has been around for decades in the form of TENS units. TENS devices are designed to alleviate pain by passing an electric current through the painful area. Having just recovered from ACL surgery, I can tell you that TENS units work wonders.
Well, the Rule of 34 dictates that eventually, someone would turn the TENS unit into a sexual device.
The Jack Socket is a two part masturbation sleeve that delivers an adjustable (both intensity and pattern) electric charge to your penis as you stroke with it. By itself, the Jack Socket is useless without the stimulator. If you are going to purchase this device, I suggest buying the gift pack rather than getting it ala carte. It’s cheaper that way. However, if you already own one of their stimulators, you can forego the gift pack, and purchase this piece separately here.
Just Two Pieces?
OK, it’s not a true two-piece set. Typically, masturbation sleeves have a silicone sleeve (where you put your penis), and an outer, harder shell, where you put the sleeve. That shell offers pressure to your penis when you insert it into the sleeve. The Jack Socket has a firm outer shell, but there are several other parts to this setup. Inside the black shell, there are two removable electrode connectors. I didn’t realize they were removable until I went to clean the device.
If you want to use electric stimulation with the Jack Socket, you need two other parts: the stimulator and the leads (the wires that connect the stimulator to the Jack Socket). So, in total, there are six parts. Seven parts if you include the lube. Nine parts if you include the top and bottom storage caps. So, yes, a big jump from just two parts. But I think you get the picture.
If at any point you thought this was a quick setup, you were mistaken. To get everything connected, lubed and ready to go, you’re looking at two to three minutes. Clean-up takes about 5 minutes. If you’re a lazy person, this is probably not going to be your gig. If you are someone who likes novelty, kink, and has patience, then you’ll be alright.
How Do I Use It?
As stated above, the basic function of the Jack Socket is a masturbation sleeve. In essence, if you just want to masturbate with it and not use electricity, you could just lube it up and masturbation inside it. But, if you’re going to pay about $120 for this device, you might as well do it the way it was intended.
First, and most importantly, make sure you have a full charge on your stimulator. The Jack Socket only has receptors for two lead wires. This leaves you with an empty port on your stimulator (some models). If you have a model with an extra port, feel free to connect some electrapads or a prostate stimulator to the other side. If you don’t have that, or if you don’t want to involve all those products, then just stick with the Jack Socket.
Go ahead and connect the lead wire to the stimulator, but don’t connect it to the Jack Socket just yet. The Jack Socket comes already put together, so you don’t have to worry about setting it up. I’ll do a break down in my video at the bottom, so you can see it in depth. There are two “ports” on the side of the Jack Socket, and they are each capped by a small flap of silicone. Open that cap, and squeeze some of the conductive lube (included in the package) into each port. The less lube you use, the harder it will be to feel the electric charge. So, be somewhat liberal. Too much, however, and you’ll spread the charge everywhere. That weakens its strength.
Once it’s lubed up, go ahead and plug your black and red lead wires into the receptors of the Jack Socket. It doesn’t matter which side gets red or black. You’re just creating a closed loop of electricity.
At this point, and after you wipe your hands, you’re ready to go. I also recommend wiping off the outside of the Jack Socket in case you got some lube on it. The electric charge follows the lube, so it can give your hands a tingly feeling if they get wet. It feels like touching an electric fence.
Slide the Jack Socket over your erect penis, and power on your stimulator. Experiment with the different settings and intensities. The Flick Duo, my model, has eight settings. Depending on the “motion” I want (it doesn’t move — it stimulates), it just takes the push of a button to get it there. You may have to rotate the Jack Socket to focus the stimulation on your more erogenous zones.
When I use it, I like to vary manual movement and still stimulation. Meaning, I like to let the electric “massage” do its thing without having to move my hand. If you’re an avid reader of my blog, then you’ll see how much I enjoy prostate massage. With the Jack Socket, I like to intensify the feelings by using a p-spot massager. The Rocks-Off Ro-Zen Pro is great for rocking back and forth, thus providing a humping feeling while the stimulator massages my member.
How Does It Perform?
Electrostimulation is one of those practices that needs to be done every now and then. Too much of a good thing, and you’ll become numb to it. For the first ten minutes of using the Jack Socket, my penis was incredibly hard. Combined with the cock ring from the Rocks-Off Ro-Zen Pro, I could have hammered a nail with my manhood.
The feeling of being that hard, while, at the same having an electo-massage and prostate massage, made me start to drip pre-cum for about three minutes. The feelings were very very intense. After ten minutes, however, the stimulation became too much for my nerves, and my body’s defense mechanisms kicked in. Essentially, my nerves were overstimulated, and they cut off sensation. My penis started going soft, and I was pretty much done with the whole thing.
At that point, I removed the Jack Socket and butt plug, and finished off manually.
My Advice 
Keep in mind that everyone has a different body, sensation threshold, and level of tolerance. You might be able to enjoy it for hours. For me, ten minutes is about the limit. If you find that you are like me, then here is my suggestion to maximize your experience:
Prep your Jack Socket and have it lubed up and ready to go. Engage in your masturbation session as you normally would, but do not use the Jack Socket just yet. If you are into edging, then go as long as you can. When you are fully and completely aroused, then don your Jack Socket. With a super-aroused penis, the incredible sensations of the ElectraStim Jack Socket, and perhaps a butt-plug, you will undoubtedly have a powerful ejaculation orgasm.
Clean Up
Cleaning the Jack Socket was surprisingly easy. The whole thing is made of silicone, and you’ll only ever use water-based lube on it. Water-based lube washes off with water and a little bit of soap. To take it apart for cleaning, remove the flesh-tone inner sleeve. Then, pop out the connectors that are inside the black outer sleeve (there are two of them). These are the four parts you need to wash off. Ensure that when you wash your connectors that you do not submerge them. You don’t want to get the internal metallic points wet. This could lead to corrosion of the contact points. For the inner and outer sleeves — soap and water, and air dry on a towel. Just make sure you get inside all the nooks and crannies.
Final Thoughts
The Jack Socket is not a cheap piece of merchandise. If you’re not into kink or electrostimulation, then I would not recommend it. If you are into this type of play, it’s a great addition to your arsenal of sex toys. Combine it with one of the P-spot massagers that they sell, and you’ll be in heaven.
It does take a bit to set up and break down, but it’s a nice detour from a typical masturbation session. Toys like these are specialty products. It probably won’t become your daily driver, but it’s like having a hot breakfast as opposed to the typical cereal and milk. You won’t always feel like using it, but when you do, you’ll crave it.
There is a learning curve to this product, but it’s not a steep one. Watch my video, and I’ll show you step by step how to use it.