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Fun Toys Gplug — High Intensity Vibration for the Anal Beginner

Anal Is the New Black
It’s no secret that I like anal stimulation, prostate play, butt plugs, and prostate massagers. This one, however, was never meant for a guy like me. Had to give it Mrs. Secure, because it’s most definitely a starter plug. Don’t take that as a negative facet to this plug. The Gplug by FunToys offers a gateway experience in the pleasureful world of anal play. More and more, the taboo of anal stimulation is going down, and the industry is catching on. Plugs like these are popping up (and in) all over the market.
TL;DR — My YouTube video is at the bottom of this post.
The Gplug is unique from other butt plugs for several reasons. Up front, you can rest assured that the whole toy (save the two metal charger connectors) is covered in body-safe silicone. That said, be sure you ONLY use water-based lube on the Gplug. Silicone lube and silicone toys = more money from your pocket later. The other thing I like about this plug is the extremely thin shaft with wide flares at the plug and base. This ensures your anus will grip the Gplug firmly, but it will not allow your anus to suck it inside or push it out. You will have to give it a firm tug at the end of your session in order to remove it.
Much like others of its ilk, the Gplug vibrates. The vibrations, however, are all focused in the tip of the plug. Some plugs on the market either have motors in the base, insertable bullets, or below-par motors in the tip. This is a quality product that delivers intense vibrations at just the right spot. The benefit of having a strong motor in the tip of the Gplug is that the waves produced from the toy will radiate throughout your entire anal cavity. This type of vibration is great for women (and pleasant for men), because it delivers a less intense, but more fulfilling level of vibration radius. In other words, it has the potential to vibrate areas that it does not directly touch, like the G-spot and A-spot.
Let’s Get One Thing Out of the Way
Before getting into the usage, one thing to note about the Gplug is, without its proprietary partner, the Gring, you will only be able to change the vibration pattern of the plug, not the speed/intensity. Mrs. Secure and I are not big fans of high-tech bedroom toys, as they tend to take away from the heat of the moment. The Gring acts as a remote control for the Gplug, but it’s just not our schtick. Think about taking a picture with your cell phone. Nowadays, you just hit the power button twice, shake your wrist, or do some other quick trick to launch the camera app. In the old days, you had to turn on the phone, unlock it, hit the camera button, and then snap the pic. In my mind, simpler is better. If I had to make one change to the Gplug, it would be adding the other two buttons to the base in order to increase/decrease intensity. Remote controls are tricky, tedious, and they don’t always work. If I can’t count on something 100%, I just don’t use it.
So How Do I Use It?
If you’ve never used a butt plug before now, this one is a perfect starter. Why? Because it’s small, thin, has optional vibrations, it’s easy to insert, easy to remove, and easy to clean. Also, if you’re not using the remote, it’s got a one button operation.
The best thing you can do before using anything in your butt — make sure your anal canal in clean. Meaning, go have a good poo at some point before using it. You do not need to use an enema or douche on your bum. This thing is not going in all that far. If you want to go to extremes, it’s up to you. However, no one but you is going to see that little bit of resi-poo (ah…see what I did there) when you pull it out.
Relax. If you’re an expert at butt plugs, get a bigger butt plug and stop reading this article. If you are a noob, welcome to the community. We all started out where you are. So again, relax. You have two sphincter muscles around the anus. The first one will relax like a champion. The second one, the one more inside you than the first, will take a few seconds to accept your Gplug. Use lots of lube. Make sure you are in a comfortable position (like on your back, or on your side with one knee pulled up to your chest), and slowly, gently, push it inside you. When the plug gets past the widest part, your anus will do the rest of it for you. It will close around the thin, hard shaft, and you’re done. It’s in.
At this point, you have the option to leave it in a neutral state or turn on the vibrations. I recommend vibrations only after you are comfortable with the toy inside you. Don’t rush anything. They can be quite intense…especially if you are going to use this during intercourse.
How Do I Work the Vibrations?
I’m not going to highlight the remote control pairing with the Gring, because frankly, we won’t ever use it. If you want to use it, then I recommend reading another post or the official site on how to do so.
For the rest of us who just want that ingenious one-touch button that the Gplug has, this is for you. Push the button. Yay! It’s on. That’s it! It’s super simple. No holding the button. No weird combo patterns. No nothing. Just push the button once to turn it on. Push it again to change the pattern. You have your choice of six patterns, which is another ingenious design strength in the Gplug. With six patterns, you’ll get just enough variety and none of the headache of choosing a pattern.
Ready to turn it off? Just go through the six patterns until you hit it that seventh time. Now it’s off.
Cleaning It
The Gplug is splash resistant, but it’s not waterproof. This is because it has two metal pins on the base where the magnetic charger will attach. To clean it, I recommend a quick rinse of warm, soapy water, and then towel dry it. You can use toy cleaner if you want, but I think it’s a waste of money.
Final Thoughts

If you are beginning to experiment with anal play in the bedroom, then the Gplug by FunToys is a safe bet. It is comfortable, body-safe, and a lot of fun to use. If you are an anal expert or someone looking for prostate massage, then this plug will not be good for you. I can recommend something if you email me your specific desires.

FunToys Gplug YouTube Video

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