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Tenga Flip Zero — The Future of Self-Sex


Come to think of it, I’ve never reviewed a masturbation sleeve on my blog. So, congratulations Tenga! You’re the first. For the uninitiated, a masturbation sleeve is sex toy made for penises. Typically, they are crafted of a soft, flesh-like material. The inside is either smooth or textured. And, there is a hole by which you can insert your penis. Some companies make them look like vaginas or anuses. Tenga, however, takes a very different approach. But, that’s how they do it in Japan…

The true reason you have not seen many masturbation sleeve reviews, is because they typically fall short of expectations. The Tenga Flip Zero, however, has exceeded those expectations. Tenga is a Japan-based company that has been innovating male masturbation toys for some years now (since 2005). The toy that comes to mind when I think of them are their Tenga Eggs. These are disposable (one time use) masturbation sleeves that come in plastic eggs. In the egg is everything you need, including lube, to get it on (with yourself) and get off.
The Flip Zero, on the other hand, comes out of their Flip series. In the past, I have used and reviewed (on Amazon) several cheap knockoffs. I don’t like to bash companies, so let’s just say that if you are going to get a masturbation sleeve, spend the money and get a good one from Tenga. They spend a lot of money on R&D to ensure high levels of satisfaction on all their products. The other brand you might have heard of is Fleshlight. I’ve never reviewed their products, and I don’t really like how they represent women in their product line. Tenga takes a very different approach in their marketing. And they don’t have to use porn to sell their products.

Design and Use:

The Flip Zero has is a three-part masturbator with the simplicity of being one piece. There is a base, a masturbations sleeve, and a locking mechanism. The textured material (the part that’s going to get you off) has been engineered to deliver incredible and novel sensations. Although the Flip Zero’s material is rather soft and squishy, the way it is textured will offer you incredible sensations. On their website, they boast that the inside has a ripple dome, ridge wall, triple chain gate, and layered end orb. Frankly, none of that means anything to me. I had to use it to know what they were talking about. Here is what I learned:
The “layered end orb” feels tingly on the tip of my member. The urethra, which obviously ends at the tip of the penis, is extremely sensitive to stimulation. The orb, inside the Flip Zero, offers a gentle, sliding feeling over the urethra, which kind of feels like that “tongue thing” that girls (or guys) do on the penis head when they give blowjobs. Too much, and it hurts. But, just the right amount, and it feels amazing. The Flip Zerohas mastered this sensation.
As for the ripple dome, triple chain gate, and the ridge wall, describing that in detail would be analogous to a non-blind person trying to describe what it’s like to read braille. This is like reading braille with my penis. This is also why lubrication is so important when using the Flip Zero. There are so many smaller ridges, bumps, and valleys in the design — to really feel them all, you need to be well lubed. Water-based lubrication (which a sample also comes with the Flip Zero) is the only lube you should ever use if you want to extend the life of your toy.

With a medium viscosity water-based lube, a super aroused penis, and your eyes closed, you will be able to feel every ridge and bump. I suggest you play around with speeds, going from slow, to fast, to stopping — this will give you a full scope of the Flip Zero’s possibilities. The one-way air valve in the Zero creates an intense vacuum. With good lube, this vacuum will provide a suction that is unlike any other masturbation sleeve I’ve used. It doesn’t “pull” like some of them do. It feels like a suck and slide — really unique sensation.

One last thing about its use — the lube doesn’t leak out! I was super surprised to find that out by accident. And then, when I read more about it online, I found out it was designed that way. It’s self-sex without the mess ;0)


Whether you are using the Flip Zero for a quick masturbation session, foreplay before intercourse, or for stamina training (training yourself for delayed ejaculation), you will eventually have to clean your toy. Tenga made this easy for you, too. Remember that locking mechanism I discussed? There is a white U-shaped piece of plastic that snugs down on the Flip Zero. Remove that, and you will be able to pop the sleeve wide open. With a mild soap and running water, you can easily flush out any residue that is left in the toy. Ensure you really get in all the crevices, because you don’t want bacteria building up. To dry it, just place it upside down using the locking mechanism and the base. That said, I’m lazy, and I just lay it on the bathroom counter on its side.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re a TL;DR kind of person, here’s the bottom line: The Flip Zero offers incredible sensations at a very reasonable cost. It is reusable, easy to clean, and worth every penny. Don’t buy cheap products — you will always be disappointed. Spend the money, and get something from Tenga.

To get your own Tenga Flip Zero or other productsclick here for the international and online store locator.

For a more hands-on experience, here is my YouTube video on the Tenga Flip Zero:

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