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SpareParts HardWear Joque — A Sexual Extension of Yourself

Pegging, a term that started becoming popular around 2001, is still in its infancy in the sex world. The stereotypical gay man will engage in anal intercourse with his partner. A lesbian might enjoy a strapon with her partner (and the Joque works well for that, too). But what about the straight guy who wants to be dominated and, well, done in butt every now and then? Enter pegging. But pegging without a good dildo or a great harness is a complete wash. Harnesses have come a long way from their awkward hooks, loops, straps, and belts. The SpareParts HardWare Joque Harness is the best we’ve tried to date.
About three years ago, we began experimenting with pegging, and the harness we purchased was right around $200. It’s made of red leather, has a tight-gripping hole for the dildo, and it’s built to last. Ultimately, though, it took about five minutes to get it on after another two minutes of getting the dildo inside of it correctly. Seven minutes = mood ruined. Pegging isn’t something I can plan for. Some days, I want it. Other days, it’s very heat-of-the-moment. For the heat-of-the-moment days, the Joque is the go-to harness. Actually, it is now our go-to harness even with planned days. Here’s why:
Unlike leather, the Joque is made of a lightweight, breathable combination of nylon, spandex, and velcro fasteners. The material reminds me of a typical Under Armour shirt — it’s soft, super comfortable, and it wicks away moisture (which is great for long term use). For the vegans out there — there is no leather in this harness whatsoever.
Below, you’ll see my YouTube video that I’ve embedded. This will give you a further understanding of what the Joque looks like, how to tighten/loosen it, and how to put two different kinds of dildos inside it (not at the same time, silly).
The Joque, in addition to feeling like wearing underwear, vice a four-strap harness, has a very convenient mounting hole. The circular mount is semi-stretchable, and it allows me to put a 2″ diameter dildo up through it. I would venture that 2″ is about the limit for the Joque, but that doesn’t mean you can’t press your luck. That said, a 2″ diameter is my limit, so the point for me is moot. If you’re feeling adventurous, here is the Maverick from Vixen Creations. You can see from my demo that it does indeed fit. This is the suction cup base version of the Maverick, because the one with balls would be impossible to get in. The didlo I used that had balls is the Goodfella.
Taking the dildo out of the Joque is just as simple as getting it in. And cleaning up the Joque, also very easy. I recommend hand-washing it in a diluted soapy water, rinsing it out, and then hanging it to dry. Throwing this in the washer and dryer will ultimately destroy something like this. The site says that you can wash it in the machine (preferably in a wash bag). I’m telling you that you will prolong the life of the Joque if you do it by hand and hang dry it. You’ll notice that it’s not cheap. At around $115, it pays to save the quality of the Joque as long as you can. Properly cared for, you can get years of use out of this engineering marvel.
My final thoughts: If you are going to try (or continue with) pegging, do it with something high quality. My Wife stated that this felt like an extension of her when she had it on. For a woman to feel like she had a penis (and not feel like she was wearing a strapon with a dildo) was an incredible compliment to the brand. She stated that the leather one we bought for $200 feels uncomfortable and not nearly as high quality as the Joque. So, pay the money, and get a quality strap on harness. Take care of your Joque, and it will take care of you. While you’re at it, spend more money on a quality dildo from Vixen Creations. You’ll thank me later 😉
As promised, here is the YouTube video: