Penis Pumping

Hump Day Pump Day — Week 7 — The Vanilla Life

Hey folks! Happy #HumpDayPumpDay! This post is a little different this week than the previous posts. It will address the difficulties you might face (like I did) when you have “normal” life stuff get in the way.
My typical post on Penomet penis pumping outlines progress, lessons learned, pitfalls, etc. This week, I had my in-laws in town, and only got to pump three times. Three times is far from my norm (a typical week is five or six times). Also, I did not get to measure myself. Therefore, you won’t see any progress.
I wrote to my consultant at Penomet, the person who is helping me run this case study, and he told me something that really hit home. There are a lot of people out there who live a very “vanilla” life. Meaning, they have normal day-to-day things that come up which will hinder their pumping schedule, sexual activity, or anything adult-related. Whether it’s family visiting, children, illnesses, work, etc, there will likely be several weeks where someone won’t be able to keep on schedule.
That was me this past week. Having just graduated to the red gaiter from Penomet, I was super excited to see how big I could go this week. That said, proper measurements and a full debrief will have to wait until next #HumpDayPumpDay.
In closing (on this shorter post), my overall gains have been exclusively in length. Check out last week’s post for a full review. But, don’t worry. Next week, you’ll have a complete review, progress and all. Happy pumping!