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Hump Day Pump Day — The Chronicles of Skeptical Penis Enlargement (Week 8)

Happy #HumpDayPumpDay everyone! If you didn’t get to see last week’s post, life kind of got in the way of pumping on a regular basis. This week is somewhat of an extension of that, but I did find time to use the Red Gaiter in the Penomet Premium Package three times this past week. I used it for a little bit longer than is instructed, but no damage/injury occurred. Used properly, the Penomet pumping system is very safe. Just pay close attention to how you apply the gaiter to the base of your shaft, start with the lowest pressure gaiter for a few weeks (and work your way up), and don’t pump too long. Also, take breaks.
How did life get in the way this week? Well, I’m trying to buy a house from 2,000 miles away. The level of stress incurred has made me (at 35 years old) break out with zits all over my face, lower my sex drive, increase my emotional sensitivity, and lack the desire to commit to pumping. But, I vowed to do this case study, and pumping commenced regardless of my situation. (That’s a hint to others who are willing to take risks and allow me to test their products. I commit.)
I was able to get measurements this week, but I could not get completely aroused. Stress affects hormones, and that affects blood pressure, which ultimately deteriorates the level of erections one can achieve. So, let’s break out the chart and explain it:
Date Flaccid Length Inches Flaccid Girth Inches Flaccid Length Cent. Flaccid Girth Cent. Erect Length Inches Erect Girth Inches Erect Length Cent. Erect Girth Cent.
1 2016-08-15 4.00 4.75 10.16 12.07 5.50 5.50 13.97 13.97
44 2016-09-26 5.25 5.13 13.34 13.02 6.38 5.50 16.19 13.97
58 2016-10-10 4.50 4.63 11.43 11.75
59 2016-10-11 6.25 5.25 15.88 13.34
I like to allow the data to speak for itself, so have a look at the erect measurements (the four columns on the right). To offer a better interpretation, you’ll notice that my erection length has increased overall from day one by 3/4 inch. However, it is down slightly from a few weeks ago. The girth is down 1/4 inch overall. At the end of this case study, I’ll post all of the data entries and notes for each day (you don’t see them on these posts), so you can see 180 days worth of information.
Regarding girth, since beginning this program, I have measured it consistently from 5.25 inches all the way up to 6 inches. The majority of the time, my girth hovers at 5.5 inches. After almost two months, my girth has not yet increased. That said, it also has not decreased. Depending on arousal levels, it can grow slightly. During intercouse, my Wife does feel a difference. Since I’m very aroused during sex, I estimate the girth to be 6 inches (maybe 6.25, but this is a guess). Also, if I pumped the day I have sex, it is temporarily bigger anyway.
Regarding length, I have grown 0.75 inches comfortably. Two weeks ago, the measurement was a little longer, but again, it’s been a stressful few weeks. On average, and after two months, I would say it is an honest 0.75 inches in growth.
As I say often in these posts, increasing the size of your penis is going to take time…lots of time. It’s a slow, slow process. I see a lot of ads from Bathmate, and they use visual tricks and flashy advertisements to give the illusion of fast growth. It’s all bullsh**. Penomet offers a very realistic view of penis enlargement. Results will happen, but they are slow. Their site is very clean, informative, and not pushy at all. They attract customers who can commit. If you can commit, then at this point, I can say with certainty that you will have gains. I will continue this process for another four months to see how far I can go, but I do believe in their product. That said, I will not engage their affiliate program until I finish this case study. (That means I make no profit from the links you click.)