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Fun Toys Gvibe Gring — Turn Your Fingertip Into an Orgasm Machine

As soon as you hit the landing page for the Fun Toys Gvibe Gring, you’ll see, in bold writing “The New Hero — 2 in 1.” What they are getting at is that this is not only a fingertip vibrator, but it is also a remote control for other Gvibe products from Fun Toys. Mrs. Secure and I have always been people with a more simplistic approach to sex toy functionality. The remote control is a great concept, but we prefer manual control while in the heat of the moment. You may be someone enjoys remote capability, and this toy (in combo with others of the same brand) will be great for you in that regard. That said, we had a great time with the Gring without the fancy functions. Let’s break it down.
TL;DR — My YouTube video is embedded at the bottom of this post.
What Is It?
I would be oversimplifying the Gring if I told you this is just another clitoral vibrator. It is so much more than that. You can watch their own commercialized video (SWF) here, but I think a more how-to/unboxing/explanation video is my YouTube video (maybe I’m biased…even though my productions suck compared to big companies).
I’ve seen rings online that resemble this, but they are not quite designed like the Gring you’ll get from Fun Toys. For one, it’s rechargeable…with magnetic charging to boot! It takes about 1.5 hours to get a full charge, and you’ll have 1 hour of use from that. Remember, like any battery, the power will dissipate over many cycles. However, I think you’ll wear out your clit before you wear out the Gring.
Bottom line: The Gring is a powerful bullet-like vibrator that snugly fits over your finger. Thus, you still have full control of your hand without having to worry about holding this vibe.
What Can It Do?
Having a Gring will allow you to have full faculty of your hands, while, at the same time, allowing you to vibrate any part of your body. Don’t limit yourself to clitoral or frenulum play. There is a world of exploring all over your body. The vibrations of the Gring can be adjusted in both pattern and intensity. Ideally, this was designed for clitoral stimulation. However, you can use it on your nipples, vulva, anus, inner thighs, small of your back, or any other place that gets you hot. And guys, you can use it, too! Whether your partner gives you control of the Gring, or the Gring gets used on your own body, this is gender non-specific toy.
How Do I Operate It?
Using the Gring is very intuitive, except for turning it off. I had to read about that, and I’ll get to it in a moment. The Gring comes with a proprietary (and soon becoming the industry standard) magnetic charger. Plug the charger into a USB port or adapter, put the metal pins on the Gring’s metal pins, and wait until the light is solid. As long as the light is blinking, it’s still charging.
As stated above, we are not remote control people, so I’m not detailing that function. Here, however, is the basic use (which should be more than enough for most people to enjoy their new toy).
Once the Gring is fully charged, slip it onto the finger of your choice. Most people will likely go for the index or middle finger of their dominant hand. You’ll be able to control small motor movements better if you go that route. However, it’s up to your imagination. The Gring has three buttons for operation. Ensure those buttons are faced down, as that is where the motor is located. The buttons are encased in body-safe silicone, so don’t worry about getting them “wet.”
To turn the Gring on, simply hit the + sign once. This will give you moderate-intensity, straight vibrations. You can increase or decrease the intensity by hitting the + or  buttons. The middle button, which looks like a wave (~) pattern, is what you’ll use to change the vibration pattern. The Gring comes with 6 different patterns, and they range from straightforward vibrations, to waves, to pulses. The beauty of 6 patterns is that you don’t have to go through 20 settings to find the one you want. Definitely a design strength.
To turn off the Gring, simply press the + and  buttons together. Or, you can go through all the patterns until it stops. Either way will get you there.
The Gring is a product I can stand behind. We own about two dozen types of clitoral stimulators. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. The only weakness I can find in the Gring has nothing to do with its performance. It’s the magnetic charger. Once you get the pins connected, be careful how you set it down. Otherwise, it will come unconnected (and it won’t charge).

Operation, ease of use, and power — the Gring has it all. Does it have the power of a Hitachi Magic Wand? No. But come on — did you really think something this size would have that? The Gring is designed to be ultra-portable, discreet, whisper quiet, and pinpoint focused. You will get off when you put this on. Mrs. Secure sure did!

If you are a retailer in the sexual health industry, you can purchase the Gvibe Gring (and other Fun Toys products) from the following places:

USA – Eldorado, ECN, Entrenue, Alexander Institute

Europe – ABS holdings, Scala Playhouse, RIMBA, ORION, Eropartner, Lovely Planet

Gring YouTube Video