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Aneros Tempo — Mellow Anal Quivering Sensations

Aneros Tempo
Aneros Tempo
My Aneros massager collection is now up to seven (unless you count the Peridise two-pack as two items, then I’m at eight). The Aneros Tempo, the model pictured up top, is a very unique addition to their product line. Aneros took the concept of the Peridise and extended it to the temperature play of medical grade, body safe, stainless steel. It’s a little bit longer than the Peridise massagers, but it’s just as easy to put it in.
If you don’t own the Peridise, then you likely don’t know exactly what this massager is designed to do. So, let me dive in (yes, pun intended) and give you some background. The Peridise and the Tempo are designed around the same concepts. They use your body’s natural reflexes to generate a pleasant, subtle quiver (or pulsation) between your inner and outer sphincter muscles. What? We have two sphincters? Yes. Actually, the human body has 60 different types of sphincters. Two of them are located in your anus. Here is a little blurb about your anal sphincters:
Anal sphincters:  The external anal sphincters and internal anal sphincters surround the anal canal. The internal sphincter is a smooth muscle ring at the upper end of the anus. When the anal canal is empty, it is contracted. When it receives something from the gut, it stretches. We don’t consciously control this muscle ring. Its work is done automatically. But we can voluntarily squeeze the external anal sphincter, which is the ring of muscle lower down and around the anus.
The Tempo is a unisex design, meaning both males and females can use it. It is not designed to massage the prostate like some of their other massagers. It is specifically designed to induce an automatic quiver between the two anal sphincter muscles. Much like an orgasm is an involuntary contraction of various pelvic floor muscles (for both men and women), prostate (for men), Skene’s gland (for women), the Tempo aids the sphincters to do the same thing.
Will it bring you to orgasm? Probably not — at least not the traditional climax-type orgasm you know so well. But not all sexual health products are designed to make you cum. If you really think about it, cumming is not the end-all/be-all of sex. For men, having an ejaculatory orgasm is typically the end of sexual activity (for at least a little while). But, what if you could engage other parts of your sexual center (the Kundalini area) to increase your sexual energy, responsiveness, enlightenment, and power?
This is where massagers like the Tempo come into play. If you’re someone who just needs to orgasm quickly and call it quits, then please close out of this page. My goal with Sexually Secure is to help people expand their sexual possibilities, and open their minds to new heights of pleasure.  The Tempo is one of many tools that Aneros carries which can get you to those points.
When using the Tempo, the biggest piece of guidance I can offer you — take your time, and relax. For me, it took a good 30 minutes to start to feel the Tempo do its work. For one, I was doing it all wrong. I put it inside me and kept shoving it up there when I thought it was falling out. Well, the Tempo is designed to “fall out” a little bit. (It never came out all the way, until I pulled it out.) The weight placement, bulb, shaft, and base are designed to slip out a little. In doing so, the sphincters get into a battle (for lack of a better word) with each other. One is trying to push it out, and the other is trying to keep it in. This is what causes the quiver. It was very slight for me, but it was there.
Two, it took me some time to find the right position for the Tempo. As it turns out, the best way for me to relax was to lie on my right side with my left leg bent slightly. I learned this technique from Super-O-Blog. He had some great pointers regarding the Tempo. I was not able to achieve the level of “orgasm” that he described, but I did feel an intense sexual energy while it was inside me. The fact that I was watching X-Files while putting a plug up my a## probably didn’t help the sexual relaxation. Regardless, the Tempo has become one of my favorite pre-game, relaxation, and long-term massagers.

A couple of usage pointers — To lubricate the Tempo, feel free to use any body-safe lubricant you can find. I prefer silicone for stainless steel and glass, because I don’t have to reapply the lube after it’s been in me for some time. With water-based lube, I have to pull it out and reapply every 20 minutes or so. To clean the Tempo, simply use hot soap and water. It’s stainless steel, so you can also run it through the dishwasher or boil it. Boiling it is a surefire way to kill anything and everything on it. That way, if your partner wants to use it, he or she need not worry about icky germs 😛

Final thoughts:  The Tempo is an extremely useful tool in several facettes:

  • The Tempo will engage nerve-sensitive anal muscles in a unique, involuntary way.
  • You will increase and enhance your understanding of your own sexual center.
  • This will expose you up to new possibilities of anal exploration — a gift that is waiting for you to open it.
  • It has the potential to induce an anal and/or prostate orgasm through the combination of sympathetic and parasympathetic muscle and nerve functions.
  • It will make you happy!