Aneros SGX and MGX -- Where It All Started

Over the past decade or so, prostate massage has really picked up the pace. It still has strong ties to the world of taboo, but slowly and surely, it's becoming more mainstream. The good news is that there are already so many amazing products out there to get you started. The company who really started getting the word out there happens to make some of my favorite prostate massagers -- Aneros.

In the above picture, you will see the two original p-spot massagers that the company created -- the SGX and the MGX. The only real difference between the two massagers is that the MGX is 0.5 inches longer than the SGX. Depending on the position of your prostate, this will help you determine which model to use. I'm 5' 11", and the MGX was perfect for me. If you're of smaller stature, you might want to go with the SGX. However, height is not the perfect indicator regarding your prostate placement.

Down below, you'll see a YouTube review I did for the MGX. For their very first model, Aneros really blew the sex toy industry out of the water. They ship the massager in a sexy black and red box. It screams luxury! Once I opened the box, the MGX was staring back at me, begging me to use it right then and there. Sadly, I had to delay that satisfaction. But, it kept me curious.

The SGX and MGX are both made of non-porous, FDA approved, acetal plastic. This means you can use whatever type of lube your heart desires. For prostate massage, I'm a huge fan of silicone-based lube, because I don't need to reapply it. For most folks who are starting out, however, I urge you to use water-based lube. This will always be a safe bet, especially if you use multiple toys with some of them being silicone. Silicone lube and silicone toys lead to disaster (the toy will "melt" over time). 

The first thing I noticed, when preparing to insert the MGX, was the extreme hardness of the massager and the matte feel that it had. Upon closer inspection, I noticed subtle ribbing on the area that will massage the anal opening. The kundalini tab (the part that hits the perineum) is also very rigid. The only part that had any give was the handle. Aneros warns to use the handle for insertion and extraction only. I can see why, because it's the weakest point on the massager, and the massager is also designed for hands-free use. That said, I'm still a fan of using the handle, gently, to increase pressure when I'm about to cum. Sorry, Aneros ;)

Getting the MGX inside me was super easy. With some lube all over the shaft, I was able to slip it inside without issue. The angle is steep enough to hit my prostate straight away. Thus, I got that immediate I-have-to-pee feeling that sometimes comes with p-spot massage. In order to gain a moving massage, I had to rock on the ground and in the chair. Unlike some of their other models, it did not provide the same quality massage using only my kegel muscles (pelvic floor muscles). That's not to say it didn't feel good. It was just a different experience.

The anal ribbing that is on the shaft is extremely subtle. I had to relax and think about it to really feel it. But when I did detect them, they were pleasant. The perineum tab (kundalini tab) is very rigid, and not as refined as their newer models, but it worked well. After about 45 minutes, it did start to rub me raw in that area. To counter that, I suggest using silicone lube (so it doesn't dry out). It was comfortable enough to wear for an hour, but I don't think it's something I could wear longer than that. For longer wear, I recommend their silicone line or Prograsm.

Regarding prostate orgasm, I was not able to achieve one with this model. That's not to say that you will not. For example, I'm a huge proponent and lover of the Progasm. If I could give it six stars, I would. But I've seen other people who hate it. It really comes down to where your prostate is, how big it is, how aroused you are, and what your experience level is. Aneros still dominates the market in p-spot massage, and they have something for everyone with a prostate. 

I also like that I'm starting to see Aneros come out with unisex and female-only products. Though they have those in the market, they are still a prostate-focused industry. They found that niche and ran with it. 

In conclusion, the MGX is a very worthy prostate massager that I will use occasionally. I have my go-to devices, but every so often, this one will work its way into our bedroom or (my) solo play. One thing I've noticed with p-spot massagers is that I have to continue to use them in order to get over the learning curve. Although I'm an expert in the field, each device is designed differently. Therefore, each device needs to be used differently. Think about it from a fitness perspective -- you can do narrow, regular, and wide-arm pushups, but you need to engage slightly different muscles and intensity of those muscles to get it to work. That's the same concept with different prostate massagers. Some models out there are either absolute junk or knock-offs of Aneros. Stick with the best, and buy them direct from their site.

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