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Aneros Eupho Syn — Hands Free Pleasure for Long Term Use

Aneros Eupho Syn
Aneros Eupho Syn
The Aneros line has been dominating prostate massage for years. They produce comfortable, body-safe, easy-to-use, sex-positive prostate stimulators that have taken the male sex toy industry by storm. In my early adult years, I thought the only sex toys for men were synthetic vaginas (like Fleshlight makes), or using vibration (like a Hitachi Wand or similar items). Then, I discovered prostate massage — but mostly by mistake. It all started with a drunken night, and my girlfriend (at the time) putting a finger inside me. All I knew is that it felt really, really good, and it made me really hard, thus having a more intense orgasm. Over the years, I tried all sorts of butt plugs, but nothing came close to that feeling.
Enter Aneros. My first true prostate massager came from this company, and it was the Helix Syn. The reviews raved about its characteristics, and I had to have one for myself. Move forward three years, and I have seven different Aneros products (Helix Syn, Eupho Syn, Progasm, MGX, Tempo, Peridise, and the Vice). Each one of these stimulators has its own personality, and each one is just a joy to use. The Eupho Syn, which is the dominant massager for this article, has become a recent favorite for long-term use. Long-term use, by the way, is the first road you should travel regarding prostate massage.
You see, massaging the prostate (p-spot, male g-spot, or whatever other name you want to give it) is not nearly as intuitive as traditional male masturbation. You might recall the first time you had an ejaculation orgasm. You rubbed your penis for a while, it felt really good, and then BAM!, you came. For me, I discovered that beautiful sensation with the “back massager” I found in my Mom’s dresser drawer. (I hope to God she never reads this.) Regardless, it was intuitive, and easy to repeat.
Prostate massage, with something like the Eupho Syn or Helix Syn, is the perfect way to learn the process. For one, these two massagers are very similar in shape. The Eupho Syn is a bit longer, but they are both fairly thin. This means it’s easier to insert once you’re warmed up. The angle of the Eupho Syn is very gentle. Unlike other, more aggressive massagers on the market, this one is designed to be inside you for the long haul. The pressure against your prostate will remain gentle, and when you develop your kegel muscles to move it, it will only slightly press your p-spot. The massage will be enjoyable, like a Swedish massage, rather than something intense, like a Thai or deep tissue massage.
The Eupho Syn is coated in body safe silicone, which makes it super smooth when inserting and leaving it inside you. That said, it is imperative that you do not use silicone lube with this massager. Silicone will tear up the chemical structure, and you will destroy your massager. This happened to my Helix Syn, and I can’t use it anymore. (Did that during my amateur days…oops. RIP Helix Syn.)
Don’t get upset if you don’t feel super horny after putting the Eupho Syn inside you. The best thing you can do with Aneros toys is to relax. Just relax, lay on your side, your back, sit on the floor, sit in your chair…let your body get used to it. If you are by yourself, and you are open-minded, think about the sexual energy that stems from that area of your body. The Helix and Eupho Syn have not brought me to prostate orgasm. However, they do something very differently from other massagers I use. They both give me an extremely positive feeling throughout my body while they are inside me. It feels like full-body happiness with a strong urge to have sex. I suppose you could call it an aphrodisiac.
The light massage that I get from the Eupho Syn is most comparable to a constant tickle. My pelvic floor (kegel) muscles are built up from years of prostate toys and pelvic exercises. That said, I have great positive control over the movement of the Eupho Syn. In reality, you can gain the same amount of control in four to eight weeks of kegel exercises. That may seem like a long time, but believe me when I tell you it’s worth it.
If you can’t beleive me on that, allow me to tell you a little about this blog. I have one affiliate to date, and that’s Aneros (the company you are currently reading about). So far, I have made zero profit from my links. Everything I do on this blog is because I truly believe in it. I have a full time career in the Navy, and this blog has become my favorite hobby outside of traditional work. I would not put the amount of time and effort into articles, reviews, and health posts if I got no satisfaction from it. If I can, at all, help another person grow and develop in his/her sexuality, it means the world to me. This blog is not about profit. Your feedback, emails, comments, and Twitter tweets help confirm that what I’m doing is good work for amazing people.
OK, off my soap box — here is the YouTube video I made of the Eupho Syn, so you can see what it looks like in more detail. Enjoy!