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The Kink Factory Presents — Rascal, The Clencher

A few years back, I never thought I would have a hobby that involved putting so many things up my butt. That said, here we are again with another toy I’ve shoved up there. This one, I received from The Kink Factory. The brand is Rascal, and it’s name is “The Clencher.”
Pictures never do much justice when someone wants to gauge size, which is why you’ll see my video review of this toy down below. It’s not super big, but it does beg the user to have at least novice experience with anal toys. It’s also a two part toy, a combination of a butt plug and a cock ring. The Kink Factory has something for everyone, including people who want a combo pack (like The Clencher).
I have seen toys like The Clencher where the ring is used to stretch down the shaft and then over the balls. I tried to do that with this one, but the hole was too small and the silicone too thick to get everything through there. If you are going to attempt it, be careful, because you don’t want to squeeze your testicle(s) trying to push them through. As a cock ring, though, it works well. Erect, I have a 5.5 inch circumference (if I didn’t pump earlier that day), and this fit comfortably around me. Not too snug, and not loose. Just right.
I categorize plugs into two classes: traditional butt plugs and prostate massagers. There are variations of each of these, and there are also specialty plugs out there. But, for the most part, these two categories fit the bill. A traditional butt plug (like The Clencher) will not massage your prostate. The intention of the plug is to fill you up and stimulate the nerves around the anus and inside the rectum. You will feel a little bit of prostate pressure from The Clencher (and more if you squeeze your kegel muscles), but it won’t be the same feeling as a bonafide prostate massager.
For what it is, though, it does a great job of filling me up and pressing all around my insides. Actually, getting it in was half the fun, because it has two different size bulbs. It was a pleasant sensation letting one slip in and then the other. In fact, I just repeated the process a few times to enjoy the sensations.
The end result, and (in my opinion) the intention of this device is to help a man (or MTF transwoman) achieve and maintain an erection. The plug will fill up the rectum and stimulate a world of good-feeling nerves. This, in concert with some light prostate pressure, will induce an erection. The ring, when strapped down the base of the penis, will aid in maintaining that erection. In most cases, this will heighten the sexual experience and prolong the erection — be it masturbation or with a partner.
In conclusion, this is an inexpensive plug that will give you multiple benefits with its use. I’m more of a prostate stimulation kind of guy, but that’s just my shtick. Every so often, I do change it up and grab a plug. This one, The Clencher, will also be invaluable when I do my pelvic floor (kegel) exercises. It will give my muscles something to grab.
If you haven’t clicked on any of the links to their site, go to The Kink Factory here, and treat yourself! Here is my YouTube video of The Clencher.

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