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The Fantasy Box — Mail Order Sexual Scenarios

No matter how long you’ve been in your relationship, there is bound to be a time when sex becomes a bit too routine. For us, there was a lot of the same foreplay, Hitachi wand, missionary-style sex, and it was becoming monotonous. This is some of the reason that I went into the sex-toy reviewer industry. As a side hobby, it has opened our sexual world to incredible new sensations and experiences.
One thing with which I have always been reserved was role playing. As a recovering sex addict (and we’ll talk more about that in later posts), pornography kept me in fog of fantasy that could never compare to my reality. So, in our marriage, role playing, for me, was off the table. I thought it would take me right back to that dark word of pornography addiction. But then I got some professional help on the subject. What I learned was as follows:
Just because we’re role playing does not mean my wife is a different person. She is just a different version of herself.
That, I could do. As long as my wife is always my wife, then I would not slip into that dark place of obsessive fantasy again. And this is where The Fantasy Box comes in.
For our first time role playing ever, we decided to reach out to The Fantasy Box in order to sample and review their mail-order scenarios. Nancy, a wonderful and kind employee there, asked my wife’s measurements and what kind of role playing we would like. A few days later, we received The Schoolgirl Costume Fantasy.
The kit came with the costume for her, a spanking paddle, and two instruction cards — one for her and one for me. I won’t get into the details of the instructions, because I want you to be surprised if you do end up buying this box.
We decided that we would do this scenario during our anniversary trip at a hotel. It offered us a different location (to increase the novelty of the fantasy), and it was a place we could really go wild without having to worry about cleaning up.
My wife is a beautiful, tall, busty blonde with amazing curves and gorgeous hair. The way this costume fit her was perfect. The top pushed up her ample breasts into a semi-see-through fabric. The plaid skirt was really high, which gave me the hottest peak at her derriere while I bent her over my lap and spanked her with the included paddle. The kit even came complete with a sweet lollipop that really teased my longing to give and receive oral sex.
The entire experience was amazing. Could we have done this on our own? Sure. But, not having ever engaged in role play, I needed a booster shot. I think The Fantasy Box is really onto something here. In addition to buying “experiences” outright, you can also sign up for their mail order service. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, they offer various tiers on their packages. Each one comes with a toy, so you’ll build your sex toy collection at the same time. They also have levels for each scenario. So, if you are a noob like me, something easy might be up your alley. For the more experienced, you can some really kinky sets.
In conclusion, it is so easy to forget how much fun I had as a kid while playing pretend. Jump 30 years into the future, and playing pretend can generate a whole new world of sexual pleasure. It’s an activity that requires both people to be willing and open-minded. The end result was an intense feeling of closeness and vulnerability with my wife (and vice versa) that was unlike any other experience we’ve had.
A special thank you to The Fantasy Box for allowing us to try this out. We’ll be back for sure!
To get your Fantasy Box, click here.