SmokerCraftGlass - From Pipes to Plugs

One thing I've come to love about sex toys is that there is no limit to what the human imagination can create. One such creation comes from SomkerCraftGlass. Coming out of Ogden, Utah, Mark makes some amazing glass pipes. And when you're playing with glass, you might step across your comfort zone and make something a little more, shall we say, playful.

Finding butt plugs on Etsy is not a difficult task, but finding a wand that is made with this high of quality, has the shape needed to stimulate the prostate or the G-spot, and has the intricate internal beauty such as this -- now that's a challenge.

I did talk to Mark about the wands that he makes, because they differ from wands that are designed with single colors. With different colored elements tied into borosilicate glass, there are things you need to know. Here is what Mark had to say:


I want to give you a disclaimer and some education on different colored glass. To make different colors, elements from the periodic chart are added, often changing the C.O.E. (coefficient of expansion). The difference can cause tension between the two kinds of glass next to each other, causing cracks. I believe the piece I made is safe and bonded and annealed correctly and should not crack. Always inspect all glass before using it,and do not expose from hot to cold or vice versa, as you could shock the glass and cause tension. And try not to set on hard surfaces.


So, this is a take-away that I never thought of before now. Don't put glass on hard surfaces, don't go from hot to cold (or vice versa), and inspect your glass before every use. Since glass has no "give" when it's set on a hard surface, it has a higher probability of shattering or cracking. It reminds me of my old house with granite countertops -- any time I set a dish on there too hard, it exploded.

But that out of the way, I'm not afraid of glass and you should not be either. Used with respect to its properties, it is one of the most wonderful feelings to have inside you, and this piece has done amazing things to my prostate. The wand itself is designed to curve at just the right spot, so that you can apply an incredible amount of leverage to either your G-spot or prostate. The fact that it's unisex just doubles its value in our bedroom. If you are afraid of sanitation, it's equivalent to Pyrex glass. Just boil it for a few minutes, and let it air dry to room temperature. 

Another thing I want you to appreciate is the amount of time that goes into a piece like this. You'll notice the floral design in the tip. It takes years to develop the level of skill involved in crafting something like that. The curved design with perfectly placed bulbs? Also incredibly difficult. There may be some people in the world who look at a piece like this and say, "It's so beautiful. Why would someone want to put that in their a**?" I say, "It's so beautiful. I need it inside me."

In addition to Mark making this wand, he makes some absolutely gorgeous cannabis pipes. Call them tobacco pipes, but I don't care for euphemisms. They are made for smoking pot. Soon, I will post an article about the benefits of adding cannabis to your bedroom play.

A special thank you goes out to Mark from SmokerCraftGlass for supplying us with this incredible piece of sexual art. We can't thank you enough for this gift. If those of you who are reading this would like one of your own, go check out his Etsy store, here.

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