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Sensuelle Bunnii Point Vibe — All the Rabbit Strengths; None of the Weaknesses

The post is written in concert with my Wife, as she is the user of this tremendous clit stimulator.
Let me start off by quoting a paragraph from another Blogger in this field, Hey Epiphora!

Why do you hate rabbit vibes so much?

Here’s what I hate: there are so many variables with rabbit/dual vibes that can go wrong. You have the shaft as well as the clitoral stimulator. If one of those doesn’t fit your body correctly, the toy is nearly useless to you, because there’s pretty much only one way to use a dual vibe. They’re way more limiting than other toys. Also, I’ve never found a rabbit that felt extremely pleasurable both internally and externally. 

Now, let me state that the Bunnii Point Vibe is not a traditional rabbit vibe. It is the clitoral stimulator of a rabbit built into one exclusive piece. This means that you will not have any awkward insertion issues, because you don’t insert this toy. Well, I guess you could try, but it’s not designed for that.
What Mrs. Secure really loved about this was the power in the motor. We become huge fans of the SVAKOM line for their incredibly strong motors (like the one in the Echo), and the Bunnii Point Vibe is on par with their power. In fact, at its highest setting, the power actually hurt Mrs. Secure’s hand while trying to hold it on her clit. It’s scary powerful!
The only thing we did not like about the Bunnii Point Vibe was the amount of settings. It has 20 variations for intensity and vibration patterns, which is great for people who are picky. However, for simple folks (like us), just a few choices makes things a lot easier. Think about going to grocery store and picking out salad dressing — there are literally dozens of choices, which makes it difficult to pick just one. Now picture going to Five Guys or In and Out — you have like three burger choices, and that’s it. Easy! We prefer fewer settings, because it makes life easier.
Don’t take that as huge turn-off to this vibe. The Bunnii Point Vibe is well worth the cost. I just suggest that you power through the settings before you get intimate. That way, you’ll know exactly which settings you like and where they are in the cycle.
The reason the power is so strong is not by mistake. Remember, this vibe is designed to tickle your clit. It’s not a Hitachi Magic Wand or Sybian. If you have used a clit massager in the past (the rabbit style one), then you know how important the transfer of vibration to silicone tip is. The “ears” don’t have any motors, nor do they have a firm frame underneath the silicone. So, it is incredibly important for the Bunnii to have powerful motor. It ensures the vibrations are strong enough to provide you (and my Wife) with a gentle, soft tickler with intense waves of pleasure.
Will you cum? If you are a sensitive cummer or semi-sensitive, then yes, you will cum. If you are someone with inorgasmia, then you may want something more direct, like the Sybian or Magic Wand.
The Bunnii, when all is said and done, is a great toy to change things up in the bedroom. In my opinion, it is best used for foreplay, and if you allow your partner to use it on you, you can teach him or her exactly where you like to be stimulated. If you feel little insecure about doing that, remember that this will build communication between you and your partner during sex. That will lead to enhanced intimacy, and ultimately, a stronger bond.