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Nexus Titus — Aggressive, Unforgiving, and Unforgettable

For about three years, I have been an avid user of the Aneros line of prostate massagers. They create high quality, well contoured, elegant toys that work perfectly for beginners and more experienced people. But, what they don’t have is something like the Nexus Titus. The Titus is, by far, the most aggressive prostate massager I have experienced (as of this writing). At the bottom of this post is a YouTube video, so you can see a more hands-on review, but this written review will break it down in more depth.
The title of my review describes the Titus in three words: Aggressive, Unforgiving, and Unforgettable. Two of those three typically have negative connotations associated with them. In the case of the Titus, all of these words are positive, and they reinforce the power derived from this simple design.
Take another look the picture. At first glance, it looks like many of the massagers on the market. But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice two very distinct differences:
  1. The Titus has a steel ball where it touches the perineum. This steel ball, though subtle, goes a long way in terms of usage. Nexus writes that it gives the sensation of licking the perineum. Though I didn’t feel that specific sensation, it holds an unwritten quality. The steel ball rolls easily in the tip, so when I’m using the floor to move the massager around inside me, the ball helps the Titus glide over that sensitive area. Thus, it completely eliminates the pain that other massagers sometimes cause.
  2. The angle of the Titus is where I derive the word “aggressive.” If you look at other massagers on, they are tapered in a direction that will graze the prostate or give a slight pressure. The Titus, in all its glory, puts extreme pressure on the prostate as its baseline position. If the Aneros Progasm applies a 5/10 for initial prostate pressure, then this one is an 8/10. By using the back hook-handle, I am able to increase that pressure to an almost intolerable 10/10.
When I describe the Titus as unforgiving, I mean that in its truest sense. The construction of this model is designed in such a way, that it will not bend or change shape whatsoever. If you sit the wrong way, move it the wrong way, your body will absorb all of that momentum. That is why Nexus notes that this massager is for intermediate and expert users. This, however, is also the Titus‘ second great strength. By having no flexibility, I am able to pinpoint the exact place on my prostate that generates the highest amount of pleasure. If I use my left hand to press it hard on that spot and my right hand to masturbate, the ejaculation orgasm that follows is so great that I break into a sweat by the time I get there.
When I say that the Titus is unforgettable, I can tell you this much:  If I had to sit down and list all of the toys that I have, the Titus would be in the top three of that list all day long. I will never forget to include this one. When I want a gentle, slow, prostate orgasm, I use the Aneros Progasm. But when I’m feeling really kinky and want to punished, I grab the Titus. I can’t put this one above or below the Progasm, because they are two incredibly different products. However, if I could only pick one of the two, it would be the Titus.
If you haven’t clicked any of the links for the Titus, please check out Nexus’ full range of products here. My YouTube review of the Titus is embedded below. I hope you enjoy it, and I truly encourage you to get one of your own. Pricey? Yes. But, you get what you pay for.