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Nexus Sparta — The Prostate Stroker That Gave Me a 15-Minute Prostate Orgasm


Before I even begin to brag on this prostate stroker/massager, let me say this — If I could only have one anal product for the rest of my life, the Sparta would be it.
To this day, I have not come across a more unique and satisfying prostate massager on the market. Typically, I’m a minimalist with prostate massage. I like rigid, smooth, simple, non-moving designs. But when I need to have a prostate orgasm, the Nexus Sparta is, hands down, the best tool for the job.
Near the end of this post, you’ll find my embedded YouTube video where I describe how to use the Sparta(charging, turning it on/off, changing modalities). Rather than just skipping to that video, please take a moment to read through my letter of praise to Nexus.
Up front, if you are not experienced with prostate massage, I suggest you try something a bit slimmer. Once you get used to that, then graduate to the Sparta. It’s not an incredibly girthy plug, but it’s definitely not something for the first time user. You really need to get your bearings on what your prostate is, where it is, and how to massage it. The Sparta will stroke it automatically, but it would behoove you to know the best angle and placement for it. That only comes with experience.
Once you are ready for the Sparta, prepare to have your world turned upside down. If you have never experienced a prostate orgasm, the Sparta might just be your golden ticket to that show. And it’s a long show.
Made of 100% body-safe silicone, the Sparta is completely waterproof and easy to insert. Just make sure you are using water-based lube, because silicone-based lube will ruin your product. Charging is super easy as well. There are two connector points on  the base, and those points match up to the charger. It’s magnetic. Just make sure the light comes on at the bottom of the base when charging. If it didn’t come on, the connectors might be on the wrong poles (like a battery that is turned upside down). Just flip it around, and you’ll be set.
One point of caution when handling the Sparta — ensure you don’t mess around with the stroker tip way too much. The stroker is underneath a thinner film of silicone. Although it’s incredibly durable, it would be a shame to rip it.
The Sparta can be used in any position with little possibility of it falling out. My prefered way to use it is by sitting on the hard floor. That way, I am able to rock back and forth with the rhythm of stroking. It just creates a nice sensation for me.
Once you have it inside you, feel free to let it rest for a while, and allow your body to get used to it. Don’t turn it on right away. When you are ready, press and hold the button on the bottom of the base for a few seconds. The lowest setting, unlike most of my toys, is my favorite.
The lowest setting is a continuous, slow moving come-hither motion. (There are three intensities fo that, and two intensities of a different pattern.) When seated directly on my prostate, the feeling is relaxing, subtle, and blissful. I allowed the Sparta to massage me at this speed for about 20 minutes. I didn’t expect much, but it just felt nice. It really wasn’t something I thought would get me off. And then….WOW! Out of nowhere, I got that feeling of needing to cum over and over again. There was no ejacualation — just dry orgasm after dry orgasm. I let the Sparta do its thing for another 15 minutes while I just relaxed and allowed my body to enjoy this incredible, indescribable feeling.
After 15 minutes, I had to ejaculate, because I was at the edge of tolerance to this much pleasure. I never thought I would turn down pleasure, but this was just soooo much. When it was all said and done, I cleaned off the Sparta with warm soap and water, and then placed it back on the charger. A full charge will provide you with about 60 minutes of play time. However, you won’t need that much to “get you there.”
After having dozens of prostate toys up my behind over the past decade, the Sparta has raised the bar to new heights. I truly hope this is the direction the market is heading. It pains me that we are still in a world where women have all the nice toys, and men still have to hunt for diamonds in the rough. The Nexus Sparta is that diamond.
Please check out my YouTube video for a more hands-on look at the Sparta. If you haven’t clicked on any of the previous links, check out the Nexus range of products here.