Nexus Ace Large -- Go Big (If You Dare)

One thing is for certain in the world of butt plugs -- there is a never ending array of what can be achieved. Everything from super tiny plugs with no vibrations to massive goliath plugs like the Nexus Ace. Now, it's not the largest plug I've seen on the market, but if you are a beginner, now is the time to turn back. The Ace Large is for people with intermediate and expert levels of anal experience.

The Ace Large is not joking around. What you see in the pictures does not give you the scale of what this toy actually is. The diameter at its largest point is just under two inches, which means the circumference is right under six inches. If you have never experienced something with that girth, then take your time getting this in.

The Ace Large comes complete with the plug itself, an optional remote control, and a power cord.  i do kind of wish it came with a privacy pouch, but I have spare ones lying around the house. The plug has a power button on the bottom and a two-pin magnetic connection for the magnetic power cord. The entire thing is waterproof, made of body-safe silicone, and very easy to clean.

You'll see from my YouTube video (embedded below) the absolute scale of this toy. Actually, even in the video, it doesn't do it justice. You have to feel it to believe it. I've been engaged in anal stimulation, butt plugs, and prostate massage for over 12 years, and this took about three minutes to get it inside me. Ensure you lube it up with water-base lubricant, because silicone lubricant can (and will) damage silicone toys. It's just the nature of its chemistry. 

Nexus, along with their Sparta and Titus, sent me this plug to review. Now, understand, this is not a prostate massager. No butt plug really is. This plug is designed for several things that I really do like -- anal stretching, full feeling (once inserted), and general internal anal vibration that radiates all through the rectum and colon. Though it doesn't massage the p-spot, it excels in those three things.

When you watch the video, take note to my instructions on getting it in. If you're into pain, then do whatever it is you do. However, if you want a pleasurable pain-free experience, follow my guidance on getting the plug inside you. The only bit of any pain I felt was at the last point of no return (when the widest part of the plug crossed my anal cavity). It lasted about one second, and then it was nothing but good vibes. 

The Ace Large has five settings. The first three are standard vibrations (straight up, no gimmicks). They vary in intensity, but not pattern. The next two have either a pulsating pattern or a wave pattern. I'm a purist, so I stick with the straight vibes. 

The Ace, though huge, feels incredibly comfortable for the long haul. Once I was done with an amazing session, I was a little nervous about pulling it out. I was surprised when it came out so easily. Don't mistake that for how well it stays in. Believe me, you need to pull hard to get it out. If you want to have sex with this inside you, it will stay in until you manually remove it. 

To clean it up, I just used hot soap and water. I don't understand the sex toy cleaner sprays. I'd just rather use good old soap and water. Seems to do the job with everything else. If you're paranoid about germs on your butt stuff, then maybe a very diluted bleach/water solution is your way to go.

So, now, in a massive collection of plugs, massagers, strokers, and e-stim kits, Nexus is really topping all of my lists. Their creations are innovative, original, and functional. Nothing turns me off more than a weird-looking non-functional plug that looks like something Napoleon Dynamite drew up. Nexus is luxury and functionality at its best. If you haven't checked out their line, click here.

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