Mystim -- My Unique Journey and Experience with Electrosex

Before I write anything else, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mystim for providing me with not only a Twisting Tom e-stim plug, but also a complete, amazing e-stim device (Tension Lover). Companies don't promote expensive products to just anyone, and I'm very grateful that they trusted me enough to come through for them.

Now, I want to focus lightly on what electrosex (e-stim) really is. The basic history probably lies at the heart of the medical community when they developed the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit. TENS units are designed to send electrical impulses through the body at low voltages and extremely low amperages. When the electrode pads are placed in correlating spots, the charge will generate an internal "massage" feeling. I'm speaking from experience, because I currently own a TENS unit that I use on sore muscles. The current produces a feeling that is halfway between massage and electrical tingling. It is generally used to reduce minor aches and pains, and it's a substitute or replacement for NSAIDs and minor pain relieving drugs.

With a TENS unit, you are able to adjust the intensity of charge that is emitted. Depending on the quality of your unit, it is possible to change up the patterns being discharged. For example, you might want something with a constant pressure (like the feeling of cupping), or you might want a scraping feeling, kneading feeling, etc. These are all great settings, and they each have their unique place in massage.

To veer off the medical track, though, I want to talk about something humans always find a way to accomplish -- turn something a sex toy. Mystim has, hands down, created the most incredible machine (Tension Lover) to accomplish this task. The Tension Lover has all the bells and whistles you would want on an e-stim box, and it enables you to have complete control of what you want to feel and how you want to feel it. It is not designed like traditional TENS units, as they have a proprietary set-up that is exclusively designed for sexual stimulation.

The only downside to having total control over the settings would be analogous to Apple vs. Linux. With Apple, you have a few options, and the OS just takes over and does whatever it is preset to do. It's extremely user friendly. Linux, however, offers 100% complete customization, so you can set it up however you desire. But, there is a learning curve. Mystim is like Linux here. The Tension Lover does have preset modes, but you can really tailor your experience to some incredible sensations. Read the instruction box, watch some YouTube videos -- once the learning curve is over, anything is possible.

The Tension Lover, by itself, is nothing without the attachments. Meaning, you can't stimulate anything if you don't have something to conduct the electricity. Where Mystim excels over other brands is the company's extensive selection of add-on e-stim toys. From probes, to plugs, to gloves, and vibrators, these guys have everything you could ever want in the e-stim line. The top right picture is the Twisting Tom that Mystim provided me. 

The Twisting Tom, as a prostate massager without e-stim, is still a very stimulating toy. If I wanted to go without the "e" part of sex play, the Tom is customizable. You can bend it, so that it hits the exact spot on your prostate that you want it to hit. Oh, and it stays in that position until you want to bend it another way. I have seen very few of these on the market, and none of them with e-stim capability. Once I had the leads (e-stim wires) connected to the device, I didn't turn it on right away. The Tom is powerfully stimulating on its own, so I just sat with it for a while. After I was super turned on, I decided to power up the Tension Lover.

One thing to understand with the Tension Lover and the Twisting Tom is that you are able to control both prostate and perineum stimulation exclusively from one another. I turned the perineum stimulator up to a slight tingle, but the prostate stimulator, I went a lot stronger. The feelings were breathtaking -- literally. At a strong setting, I had to back it down just a bit so that it was pleasant, not painful. Once I found that sweet spot, I just rode a wave of electrical impulses until a powerful orgasm overtook me.

The electric current made my prostate feel like there was a small hand wrapped around it and just squeezing it. It was a pleasant feeling that was similar to vibrating massagers, but with an extra twist. It felt as though it was vibrating (although there are no vibrations with this plug), pressing, and massaging it at the same time. 

For those of you into prostate milking, I did have some pre-cum from using this machine, but not as much as when I use the Njoy Fun Wand (where I can press on the prostate directly). I was also not able to induce a hands free ejaculation. Despite that, the whole experience was highly enjoyable, and I can't wait to try some of their other products. For the more adventurous, they have a line of urethral sounds (probes you put in your urethra -- not for me) and penis chastity cages -- all e-stim.

If you didn't click any of the Mystim links throughout this post, and you want to explore this cutting-edge fetish, click here to check them out.

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  1. Sounds thrilling, however you said you enjoyed a "powerful orgasm" then a paragraph later said "I was also not able to induce a hands free ejaculation." Thought those kinda came together - no pun (-;