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Jade Eggs Global — Mother Earth’s Natural Sex Toys

In the world of sex toys and pelvic floor enhancement products, you will find that it is inundated with factory-made silicone and plastics. Sometimes they are body-safe, but sometimes they are not. If you take a step back, though, and think about it, the Earth already provides you with a safe, pure, and spiritual way to heighten your sexual experiences. Jade Eggs Global offers the smoothest stone eggs and kiRubs I’ve ever encountered. This is a two-part review of the kiRub and Nephrite Yoni Eggs. The first part is the kiRub.
kiRub, as pictured at the top of this post, is similar to other stone dildos you may have seen on the market. Jade Eggs Global has taken this thousands-of-years-old shape and perfected it. Their obsidian stone kiRub has a patent pending design that has been developed over years of trial and error to bring you the most intense and blissful orgasms.
Here is a bit of information straight from their website:
This black obsidian kiRub measures at a comfortable 11.5″ x 4″ girth and is wrapped in a beautiful soft handcrafted leather pouch decorated with feathers and gemstones, designed for self exploration and pleasure.  You will not find this design anywhere else on the market. Vibrators can be over stimulating and eventually cause numbness and this beautiful hand crafted gemstone toy will stimulate you gently and intensify orgasm by pressing on the many pressure points within the vagina.
Black Obsidian is made from molten lava that is volcanic glass, this unique sex toy is sure to give you many intense and explosive empowering eruptions of your very own.
So, why choose a more expensive stone dildo over factory-made silicone and plastic? That easy to answer, and here’s why:
– First and foremost, black obsidian is nonporous and body-safe. Because it is super easy to clean, you won’t have to worry about bacteria building up on its surface.
– There is nothing more natural than stone from Mother Earth. If you are a progressive individual, like me, then this is something that might hit your spiritual senses. If you are more secular, and you don’t buy into the metaphysical, that’s OK, too. Black obsidian volcanic glass is nature-created, smoother than any other sex toy I’ve ever touched, and it is very unforgiving. By unforgiving, I mean, you can press as hard as you want against your erogenous zones, and it will never bend. That pressure intensity is what will make you explode during your sessions.
– It comes with a handcrafted leather pouch made by a local woman (not outsourced). You are supporting one or two families with this kiRub, and not a global enterprise.
– The design of this kiRub has been perfected over years of trial and error on many yonis. It is carved and smoothed to offer a unique penis-like experience that will fill you up and press against all of your internal stimuli. The bottom of the shaft has a scrotum-like shape that doubles as a comfortable handle. This is key to increasing internal stimulation, because it offers you the leverage you need to generate that intense pressure on your G-spot.
– The other benefit of this kiRub is its beauty. Once you’re finished with your session, simply clean it with soap and water, and place it around your living space as a work of art.
To get yours, click here.
Where the kiRub excels is its ability to produce intense orgasms and massage your pelvic floor. But rather than just massaging your pelvic floor, you might want to strengthen it through a body-safe, natural method. Strengthening your pelvic floor can alleviate the following medical conditions: chronic pelvic pain, sexual pain, painful scar tissue, vaginismus, anismus, tight vaginal opening, and anorgasmia (inability to orgasm).
In addition to the medical benefits listed above, Yoni eggs, by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, will allow you to grip your partner’s penis with intense pressure. Not only will this be an incredible feeling on him, but it will intensify your orgasms as well. It’s a win-win.
Oh, and though they are used primarily for pelvic floor strengthening, if you put one inside you during oral sex, it will intensify your oral-induced orgasm by providing stern pressure your G-spot while he or she is attending to your clitoris.
Jade Eggs Global sells several varieties of jade in order to fit everyone’s budget. Again, back to the metaphysical-centric people, you will want to pay attention to which kind of jade works best for your aura and spiritual center. From the Xiuyan jade, which is rich in serpentine, to the Hetian Nephrite jade, which is some of the best quality jade on the market, you have a rich hub of choices.
Since jade is body safe, you can use your eggs for up to 12 hours at a time. My Wife wears hers overnight, and the weight of the stone passively massages and strengthens her yoni. If you want to actively strengthen your pelvic floor, there are thousands of YouTube videos and websites dedicated to adding weights, performing certain exercises, and developing plans. Starting out, however, you should always go slowly and at the lowest level. Much like jade itself, developing your pelvic floor will take a lot of time and patience. The end results will be mind-blowing.
Don’t worry about the eggs getting lost inside you. Your vagina (yoni) will stop at your cervix. This is not like your colon, where using something like this can be dangerous. In order to increase safety, however, Jade Eggs Global provides you with an ample amount of plain waxed dental floss to string through your eggs. Each egg has a tiny hole drilled down the middle, and this allows you to insert the floss and make an easy-to-retrieve “handle” for when you finish your session.
Once you get more advanced, you can start adding weights to the eggs. You would then begin a weight lifting regimen to strengthen your pelvic floor even more. Like any weight training, you have to increase intensity and resistance to achieve stronger results. Strengthening your pelvic floor is no different than any other muscle group in your body. But, what other muscle group is going to intensify your orgasms more than this one?
To get your jade eggs, click here.