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Hump Day Pump Day — The Chronicles of Skeptical Penis Enlargement (Week 6)

Hey folks! It’s that time again for #HumpDayPumpDay!!!
This week was a little different, because I learned a few things about measurements. Did you know that there are pages upon pages of forums where men talk about increasing their member size? I guess there are niche communities for everyone. Regardless, they have their own type of lingo and acronyms when they talk about measurements. To get an idea of how they talk, have a look at the Penomet Progress Thread.
Let me break down some of the acronyms they use on there:
  • nbpel (non-bone pressed erect length) – This is the erect length of the visible penis; from where the penis starts at the belly to the tip.
  • nbpfl (non-bone pressed flaccid length) – The same as nbpel, but in a flaccid state.
  • bpel (bone pressed erect length) – This is the length of your penis when you press a ruler into your pubic bone — from tip to pubic bone. When you press into the fatty layer at the base of your penis, you are measuring usable penis length. That is because, when you have sex and you press into the vagina/anus, your penis will extend slightly beyond its visible length.
  • bpfl (bone pressed flaccid length) – Sams as bpel, but in a flaccid state. Frankly, this measurement is one I deem as useless.
  • meg (measured erect girth) – This is the circumference of the penis during its erect state.
  • mfg (measured flaccid girth) – This is the circumference during the flaccid state.
With all of this in mind, there are still a number of acronyms (initialisms for the grammar purists out there) that coincide with techniques, quality of erections, erectile disfunction, gains, etc. I have provided you with the basics, so you can get a grasp of lingo. In my measurement chart, you will only ever see the non-bone pressed erect length (the visible penis only), the non-bone pressed flaccid length, the measured erect girth, and the measured flaccid girth.
So, let’s take a look at this week’s results in comparison to day one and last week:
Date Flaccid Length Inches Flaccid Girth Inches Flaccid Length Cent. Flaccid Girth Cent. Erect Length Inches Erect Girth Inches Erect Length Cent. Erect Girth Cent.
1 2016-08-15 4.00 4.75 10.16 12.07 5.50 5.50 13.97 13.97
34 2016-09-17 6.25 5.50 15.88 13.97
44 2016-09-26 5.25 5.13 13.34 13.02 6.38 5.50 16.19 13.97
Compared to day one, with a length of 5.5 inches and a girth of 5.5 inches, I have made some significant gains in the length department. My erect length (visible penis only) is now 6.375 (6 3/8) inches. That is a slow, but steady gain of just over 3/4 inches. It has taken me 44 days to get there, but it’s there nonetheless.
Regarding girth, there has been no significant change since day one. I reached out to Penomet to see what I needed to do. This is where I was directed to check out some of the forums. In addition to pumping, one should also stretch, jelq, and moisturize on a regular basis. The results you see here are with pumping only.
There was an anomaly measurement on day 21, where the girth was 6.0 inches. What I think happened there was that I had pumped earlier that day. This increased the girth as a temporary gain, but it has not yet become a long term gain.
With temporary gains, they are in fact real. My wife really enjoys when I pump during the morning and then have sex with her later that night. The girth is significantly wider and she says it feels really good. So, keep that in mind when you’re doing your program.
Overall, I’m happy to see that my length is increasing slowly. Girth is a challenge, but I’ll see what I can do to increase it, and I’ll post accordingly. During this week, I started using the red gaiter, which is the highest that comes in the premium set. There is another gaiter with stronger force, but it sold seperately, and it is not for beginners. One needs to master the red gaiter before moving onto that one.
A final note, just under a one inch gain in 44 days might not seem like a lot, but this is a good lesson in patience and commitment. If you are going to pay a lot for a pumping set, make sure you are committed to the process. It’s not magic; it’s science. And, science can take time.