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Hump Day Pump Day — The Chronicles of Skeptical Penis Enlargement (Week 5)

Alright guys! It’s #HumpDayPumpDay again, and we’re on week five. You may be wondering why week four isn’t posted. Well, it is, but I got thrown off by my numbering patterns when I started this. If I changed every title, it could potentially break links to the posts I’ve spread on the Interwebs. This way, we just skip a number and make it a proper week five.
So, Mr. Secure, how did it go this week? The week started off on a bad note, because I was sick for about or four days of the seven. I only pumped a total of four days this week, but I did see some growth a few days ago that made me happy. Have a look at the below chart. Day 34 is when I took hard measurements (although that is four days ago from the time of this writing). Soft measurements were not taken this week.
Date Flaccid Length Inches Flaccid Girth Inches Flaccid Length Cent. Flaccid Girth Cent. Erect Length Inches Erect Girth Inches Erect Length Cent. Erect Girth Cent.
1 2016-08-15 4.00 4.75 10.16 12.07 5.50 5.50 13.97 13.97
21 2016-09-04 4.50 4.75 11.43 12.07 6.00 6.00 15.24 15.24

30 2016-09-13 5.00 4.88 12.70 12.38 6.13 5.25 15.56 13.34

34 2016-09-17 6.25 5.50 15.88 13.97


The reason I have several different dates up there is to give you an example of the progress and fluctuations throughout this process. If you look at the very first day, that is my baseline. Over the course of five weeks, I have been able to achieve a length increase of 0.75 inches. This growth has been consistently slow moving, but definitely consistent. If it’s length you want to achieve, Penomet has definitely succeeded in that regard.
The girth has fluctuated a bit more. I attribute most of that to the levels of arousal I experience when I’m measuring. If you’ve never done this before now, it is extremely awkward to get an erection and then try to maintain it to measure the length and girth. It’s a complete turn-off. When I do the erect measurements, my Wife is there to keep me honest. Still, it’s just weird to get hard, and then get out the ruler and a piece of floss (to measure girth).
What we have noticed is that my girth definitely feels wider during intercourse. To me, her vagina feels tighter. To her, she says my penis feels noticeably bigger. If I pumped the day before or the day of intercourse, there is a definite temporary gain. My hope is that the girth will increase permanently. So, we’ll see over the next few months.
If you want your own pumping set, click here. Also, note that the links in these posts are not affiliate links. I will not truly endorse or try to profit from this product until I finish my case study and believe in it 100{c9c2af4b5d4a37e7f7aeb1a537bd00aa7177ada5e7073e46455833a8c363b1d6}. That said, I do believe in the product so far, and I am thankful that Penomet allowed me to be part of this study.