Penis Pumping

Hump Day Pump Day — The Chronicles of Skeptical Penis Enlargement (Week 2)

Hey guys! This is #HumpDayPumpDay Week 2, and I have some great news — it works!
Now, because I’m a skeptic, and I want to keep this as honest and scientific as possible, let me break down what I’m talking about.
  • I have been pumping with Penomet for a total of 23 days. Of those 23 days, I had 5 rest days. My initial measurements were 5.5″ erect length and 5.5″ erect girth. That is straight up average for penis size.
  • On 02 September (19 days after beginning this regimen), when my Wife and I had sex, that was the first time since I started pumping that she claimed she could feel a definite increase in girth.
  • My last measurement was on 04 September, where I had 6.0 inches in length and 6.0 inches in girth. That is a 0.5 inch increase on both measurements.
Here is an excerpt from my chart for your reference:
Date Flaccid Length Inches Flaccid Girth Inches Flaccid Length Cent. Flaccid Girth Cent. Erect Length Inches Erect Girth Inches Erect Length Cent. Erect Girth Cent.
1 2016-08-15 4.00 4.75 10.16 12.07 5.50 5.50 13.97 13.97
21 2016-09-04 4.50 4.75 11.43 12.07 6.00 6.00 15.24 15.24


You might be thinking several things:
Are you lying? No. This process is a pain in the butt, and it takes true commitment. My word to Penometwas to give them a six month case study in exchange for their product. That is the only form of payment I have received. I have received zero money from their company. Until I am through with this case study, I will not even use affiliate links. Why? Because I want to make sure that the pumping system is worth the money you will pay for it.
Are your gains permanent? I don’t know. And, I won’t know for a little while. What I can say is that my gains are real, measurable, and my Wife has felt a difference…which has put a smile on her face and mine. Right now, I can say for certain that they are temporary, and they might be permanent.
What does it feel like? The easiest gaiters didn’t feel like much of anything. This was during my awkward start, when I didn’t really know what I was doing. However, once I got to the gray gaiter, things changed dramatically. Now, my pumping length (while inside the tube) is a hair over 7.5 inches. It feels like a strong pressure around the entire mass of my penis, but it’s a good pressure. The recommended time to leave it on is 20 minutes, but sometimes I do 25 to 30 minutes, because it feels really good. I can’t wait to increase to the next gaiter, but I will use this one for another couple of weeks to ensure my body is ready to move forward.
One last bit before I close this entry:  You might get “sea cucumber penis” for about 12 hours. That is, once I switched to the gray gaiter and increased pressure, my penis was absolutely huge after my session. About 20 minutes after removing the pump, the entire penis was puffy and big, and it looked like a sea cucumber. It goes away after 12 or so hours, and it doesn’t hurt. However, it looks really weird for that 12 hours — just a heads up.
If you want to get on the pumping train with me, get your Penomet set here.