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Hedonic Glass Body-Safe Glass Butt Plug — Artisan-Crafted Erotica

If I haven’t said it lately, I love Etsy. Until I started reviewing sex toys and providing guidance to couples, it never crossed my mind that I would be able to purchase erotic toys from the hub of Crafters. A few weeks ago, I reached out to Hedonic Glass and asked them if they would consider sending me one of their beautiful plugs for me to review. They agreed, and they even made an exceptionally large size for me — considering my experience in the field. So, here is my review of the Hedonic Glass Blue Rose Butt Plug.
If you take a look at Hedonic’s shop, they have quite the array of borosilicate glass plugs and wands. Borosilicate glass is the generic name for the type of glass one associates with Pyrex. It is extremely hard, and you will break your bones before you break this type of glass. With that in mind, you still need to inspect your glass products every time you use them (both before and after use).
Now, take a look at the base of this plug (in the above picture). In addition to Hedonic creating a flawless and symmetrical plug, they are able to add color elements in the base that look surprisingly close to a rose blossom (albeit a blue one). The level of skill that it takes to create that intricate design takes years to master. Getting a rose design inside of a bulbous plug which, at the same time, needs to be body-safe and comfortable — that is pure and genuine talent.
The glass itself has absolutely zero defects. I’m always weary of glass products, because ones that are done incorrectly can have trapped air bubbles. This can lead to quicker expansions/contraction of the glass. In turn, that could potentially crack the glass while inside me. No thank you. Hedonic, however, thoroughly inspects each piece of glass for flaws. They will not send a piece unless it is absolutely perfect.
Let’s talk a little about size and shape. When you order a piece from Hedonic Glass, you have options. Some folks prefer a smaller plug, but more experienced users will likely want something larger. In the Etsy store, there is a simple dropdown menu for diameter and color. If those options are not what you desire, Hedonic is flexible, and they have great communication. They will work with you to get something that fits your desires. Keep in mind that there are limits to size and colors.
The size I received was 1.65″ in diameter with an insertable length of 2.5″. If you are new to butt plugs, 1.65″ is no joke. The circumference, at its widest point, is 5.18 inches. Remember, you can choose something smaller, but I wanted to feel the stretch that comes with something girthy like this.
Regarding insertion, I think you’ll be totally impressed by glass. The type of lube you need to use is your choice. No worrying about silicone lube ruining silicone toys, etc. Glass, borosilicate glass, is completely non-porous. Any lube you put on there will make it slippery and easy to insert. If you are using something like the larger size, I suggest warming up a bit with a smaller plug, or taking your time getting this one in. It will definitely stretch you out!
The way it felt going in was incredible. By doing it slowly, I was able to feel the girth of the plug’s smooth surface push me wider and wider. Once the largest part of the plug slipped past my anus, the entire plug (up to the flair tip) was sucked in like a vacuum. The pressure on the inside of me felt very pleasent, full, and heavy. This is not a cheap piece of plastic. This glass has weight, and it lets you know it’s inside you.
Being a man, I enjoy prostate massage. Keep in mind that this is not a prostate massager in the conventional sense. You’ll be able to feel some pressure against it, but only if you are manipulating the plug. If you can accept the plug for what it is, the wider girth and heavier weight of Hedonic’s products will fill you up and press against the sensitive nerves that surround your anus, perineum, and two sphincter muscle sets.
Because it has such a narrow taper, I had no concern for it falling out. It stayed in like it was supposed to do. Pulling it out was another incredible sensation. All of the bliss from stretching me out was repeated in reverse. In fact, this could be part of your foreplay game — pushing it in and out, savoring the sensations that Hedonic’s glass produces.
If you are really feeling froggy, place the plug in the freezer or in some warm water before inserting it. This is a nice introduction to temperature play. A plug can only do so much, so introducing temperatures to your plug will widen the possibilities you can have with it.
Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the quality, craftsmanship, and luxury that Hedonic Glass was able to produce. If you have not yet clicked on any of the links in this post, check out their store here. Below you will find my embedded YouTube video of the plug they sent me.