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Erotic Wood Art — P-Spot Milking from Nature’s Finger


TL;DR — Wooden Buttplug and Cherry Wood Dildo YouTube videos at the bottom of this post.

These days, nothing excites me more than receiving a new sex toy to stimulate my prostate. While jumping around on Twitter (@sexually_secure), I came across Erotic Wood Art (@EroticWoodArt). They posted quite a few dildos and sculptures, and then, I saw it — a wooden butt plug. A few weeks ago, I went to their site to see what they had in store. At that point, I was committed to getting one and testing it out.

I got in touch with the owners of the store (which is based in Switzerland), and asked them what they recommended. They showed me a few of their designs, but I wanted something a little more daring. Then, they sent me pictures of some new concepts that they just created. I saw the one pictured in this article, and it called my name.
Within a week, Erotic Wood Art airmailed the package to me in the USA, and they were even kind enough to gift me a box of Swiss chocolate (which was devoured in about three days). The butt plug measured just about six inches from tip to base with a little over four inches of insertable length. I asked Erotic Wood Artto leave the tip of the plug on the flair, so I could manually move it around inside me. Little did I know that I would use it as a lever while seated on the ground. Found that trick out by mistake.
If you are skeptical about body-safe wooden sex toys, I assure you that the finish they use completely seals the wood. You need to use soap and water to clean your toy, as harsh chemicals will peel away the finish. Use only water-based lube. Also, note that you will not find a reputable wood dildo maker who designs prostate massagers with sharp curves. Remember, this is wood. If there is a sharp curve on a thin stem, there is a high chance of it breaking. But EWA knows what they are doing. They have dildos that are curved, but you’ll notice they take extra care to ensure the safety of the design.
My absolute favorite part of this plug, well two things actually, is the ribbing that goes down the shaft and the “handle” at the base of the flair. The ribs/ridges have enough bump to them, that I could feel each one rimming my anus as it slid inside. For the first few minutes, I spent some time sliding the plug in and out (with plenty of water-based lube). It really did have a rimming sensation — not exactly the same thing, but very close.
After that, I wanted to let it sit in there for a spell. I was on the floor typing up another review, when I realized that the handle enabled me to rock back and forth while sitting. I repositioned the plug to aim toward my prostate. Once I had it seated on p-spot, I rocked slowly for about ten minutes while typing on my computer. The sensations were amazing, and the pressure generated a lot of pre-cum.

The YouTube video I created below will show you a more hands-on review of this amazing product. If you haven’t clicked on any of links to visit their store, click here to see what they have for you.

Bonus! Cherry Wood Dildo video review (until I write a separate article for it).