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Custom Prostate Massage from The Kink Factory

It always amazes me when I see new and incredible toys for boys. The Kink Factory sent me their Bendable Twist #17 to review, and it does not disappoint. Let’s talk a bit about it.
First of all, this is a medical grade silicone sex toy, so use only water-based lube, like Boy Butter. What sets this toy apart from its peers is the level of customization you can achieve with it. The massager, though long, does bend into a nice curve (as you’ll see from my video below). That bend is up to however steep of an angle you desire. I like an aggressive curve to really apply pressure to my prostate in just the right way.
Once it’s bent, the curve will stay in place until you desire to move it around. What I found nice is the fact that I could sit on the floor, and then rock on the plug while it pressed on my p-spot. The Bendable Twisthas a very pointed tip that will almost immediately start the milking process. For the uninitiated, milking is when the prostate starts to produce prostatic fluid and leaks out of your urethra. It’s like involuntary cumming, and it feel amazing. However, it’s more amazing to watch the process as it happens — huge turn on for me.
The Twist takes two AAA batteries (not included), but they are easy to insert. Just turn the bottom loop to open the container, and then put the batteries in the proper polarity (as marked inside). Once they’re in, just close the plug back up, and you’re ready to vibe.
The vibrator has (I think) 12 settings, though it might be 11. However, my favorites are the straight vibes, which are the first three settings. They just increase intensity levels from low to high.
The Bendable Twist is versatile in that you can use it as a hands-free prostate massager (so long as you are sitting on it), or a dildo. The trade off with the bendability of it means that you won’t be able to apply the intense pressure you could get out of a solid dildo. Regardless, the feelings are intense, and you’ll be able to milk your prostate just as well as a solid massager. Much like any other toy, this one has its own “personality,” and the sensations are different than anything you will experience in another toy.
If you haven’t clicked any of the links, please click here for the Bendable Twist.
Please check out my YouTube video (below) for a detailed hands-on review of the Bendable Twist: