CheekyBootyque -- Custom Plugs from a Talented Crafter

One of my favorite additions to my sex life is a butt plug. Having been pro-plug for years and years, I'm always on the hunt to see what new and amazing creations are out there on the market. About a month ago, I reached out to a few Crafters on Etsy to see if they would send me one or two of their products to demonstrate the alternative places to buy creative sex toys. CheekyBootyque was one of the few amazing vendors who said, "YES!" Not only did she offer to send me one of her custom plugs, she offered to make a design after whatever I wanted.

Whatever I wanted? Boy, I was completely dumbfounded. Because, let's face it -- how many of you have ever designed a butt plug? So, at that time, which was before I paid a graphic designer to make a custom logo, I Androidified myself. The pictures you see above are the very first logo of Sexually Secure. CheekyBootyque asked me to send the graphic to her, and she got started on the project.

The results were incredible! She took a standard stainless steel plug, removed the gem, and then performed her magic. I didn't ask her how she managed to get the picture in there so perfectly, and I have no idea how she created the acrylic cover to turn out almost spherical. Not wanting to ruin her trade secret, let's just leave it a mystery of her erotic art.

Never in my life did I dream that someone would take the time to handcraft my very own butt plug. So, like any good husband with his Android photo on a plug, I asked my Wife to use it. I suppose that was the intention all along, as I focus more a larger plugs. She's just getting started with anal play, and a smaller plug like the one from CheekyBootyque was perfect. I must say, it was really hot to see my Wife wearing it -- and loving it!

In case you're wondering, CheekyBootyque does offer larger sizes, and she is willing to work with you on your own designs. In addition to plugs, she also has nipple clamps and erotic jewelry. If you don't want to go with your own custom design, she has a moderate selection of pre-made plugs. Below is a short video I made, which will show you her plug in a bit more detail. Please forgive the camera work, as it was done with my phone and edited on YouTube ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you want to buy your own custom plug(s), clamps, or jewelry, I suggest heading over to her Etsy site now -- just click here!

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  1. I think it's an amazing idea. From a simple marketing item to having your own image or logo in the back it's both fun and cheeky.

    1. ;) Thanks Gunna. I'll let the shop owner know. She's just starting out, and it would make her day to hear that.