Cannabis and Coitus -- The Atmos Jump from VaporPlants

This article was written exclusively by Mrs. Secure. Unfortunately, Mr. Secure is in a job that will not allow him to enjoy cannabis...yet ;)

I enjoy sex with my husband; I know I do.  However, when the day has been particularly long or maybe when I’ve got something on my mind that just won’t take a backseat to the available intimacy at hand, I require a little assistance.  Enter cannabis. 

I’ve been a user of medical marijuana for almost two years now, and it definitely helps to keep my migraines under control.  I use it more as a preventative, rather than an abortive when it comes to my headaches.  What I mean is, I take a few puffs every night before bed and it really helps me sleep all night long and wake up refreshed.  (I don’t smoke, I use a vaporizer that uses dry herb but more on that in a minute.)  Migraines can have many different triggers and for me if my sleep is disrupted I’m almost guaranteed to have a headache within the next two days. So, I take my puffs and nod off, usually. Well, I started noticing that no matter how “not in the mood” I was before taking my puffs, after I took them I was WAY more open to fooling around. Not like it lowered my inhibitions or anything. If I’m firmly against sex that night when I’m sober, I maintain the same feeling after puffs. But what does change, is that all the weight of the week, the to-do lists, the figurative noise of the day -- it's muted for a bit, and I become more open to sex. 

My husband likes to think that my libido is increased by marijuana but it’s not that at all, really.  I am 35, I like to have sex, I enjoy it thoroughly, but sometimes I’m just not in a particularly adventurous mood. Or, maybe I feel fat that day, uncomfortable naked, or I’m just really tired. Whatever the cause, cannabis just enables me to lighten up a bit. Even when it comes to orgasm, I can see a difference. When I’m sober, I orgasm, but I self-consciously worry about how my face must look really weird or distorted when I’m climaxing. Or, God forbid, some body part makes a less than flattering noise! After a few puffs I feel more comfortable in my body, and I’m completely at ease with any COMPLETELY NATURAL thing my body may do when I’m really enjoying myself. 

Now, do I use marijuana before every sexual encounter? Not at all. I still like to feel vulnerable with my husband and be completely sober and present with him, for the most part. But other times, I really enjoy just being able to let go and enjoy myself. There is one negative factor to using marijuana before sex that is worth mentioning. You may or may not be aware that dry mouth can be a side effect with some strains, and it doesn’t just apply to your mouth! All areas that are normally lubricated tend to dry up a bit, if you know what I mean. Therefore, we have found oral sex gel and water based lubricants to be a big help in making sure I don’t hurt myself or my husband. If you would like some recommendations, we really prefer Doc Johnson’s Good Head Gel in cinnamon (for oral sex). For vaginal lubrication, we currently like anything in the Sliquid line or the new Wet Organics. There are also some flavored all-natural lubes which might substitute well for the Good Head Gel... though I haven’t tried it that way, yet.

If you are legally able and would like to try cannabis in order to enhance your sex life, I want to recommend a portable vaporizer I recently got to try out.  Now, I have a “higher end” portable vaporizer that I’ve had for some time, and while it works very well, has a smooth draw, and is very compact, it does have it’s cons. One of those is the price. I paid around $350 for my higher end one, and here lately, I’ve been really enjoying the ease of use of a much more affordable portable vaporizer, The Atmos Jump Dry Herbs Vaporizer. For under $70, you get a VERY compact, very lightweight, and almost foolproof way to medicate! With my other vaporizer, it was almost a guessing game as to whether the herb was heated up enough (while not to the point of combustion). But with the Jump, an indicator light turns green when ready, as if to shout, "GO! NOW! NOW! NOW!" With my other one, a full charge would only last six puffs or so, but with this one, I used it three nights in a row (nine puffs a night) without having to recharge. I was so impressed! If I had it to do all over again, I’d forgo the expensive vaporizer and just get this one, hands down. Now, I will tell you that the draw is not as smooth as my more expensive one. But at the same time, it’s so much easier to suck air through the Atmos Jump.  My pricey one almost feels like a breathing test that one might experience at a pulmonologist office, it’s all I can do to suck air through that one, sometimes. I do cough a little with the Jump, but it’s nowhere near the amount of coughing I do when I smoke a marijuana cigarette. Plus, when you vaporize, the effects are maybe a little more subdued, at least for me. When I consume edibles, I get the same results, but they last way longer (sometimes too long in my opinion). With the Jump, it’s just right!  If you’ve thought about getting a vaporizer but weren’t sure where to start, let this one be your first.  You won’t regret it.  And who knows, you might just like the sexual side effects that come with it.  ;-)

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