Boy Butter — It Sounds Weird, but It Feels Great

Boy Butter is one of those products that sounds really odd (by the name) until it becomes a common term in your vocabulary. I must admit that the name sounded kind of disgusting at first, but I understand the marketing ploy they used for this. It’s a take on the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” brand. Puns and humor aside, you would never suspect that this is a water-based lubricant.
Boy Butter does make a silicone variety, but I’ve become a long-time supporter of water-based lubes because of all the silicone sex toys in my house. Both my Wife and I love to play with our toys on a regular basis (whether solo or as a couple), and we don’t want to ruin them. Silicone lube has a tendency to “melt” silicone toys. Stick with water-based, and you’re good to go.
What makes Boy Butter so unique is the creamy consistency that it has. I liken it to room temperature cream cheese. The look and consistency are just a little thinner than that, but it’s pretty darn close. Unlike gel or liquid lubes (or even petroleum jelly), this lube goes on smoothly, but it does not drip — not at all. It really acts like I just put butter on a toy.
The feel of it is similar to a hybrid lube that typically has silicone in it. The great thing about Boy Butter — not sticky at all. It almost feels like an unscented hand cream. The duration of usage with this product is beyond reproach. I spent a few hours today testing and reviewing some products from The Kink Factory, and I used Boy Butter for all of them. After applying Boy Butter once (to three different toys), I never had to reapply the cream. I’m talking like three hours here. Yes, my poor booty is sore now 🙁
Here is my YouTube video that will show you exactly what it looks like in more detail: