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b-Vibe Trio — Three Motors in One Amazing Butt Plug

If you’ve been reading my posts, then you probably know that I’m always on the hunt for the next best butt plug. There are so many toys out there, that it’s hard to track down and find the ones that really stand out from the rest. A few weeks ago, I came across this little gem — the b-Vibe Trio.

For about 10 years, it’s been extremely rare to find toys as innovative as the line coming out of b-Vibe. When I’m searching around on Amazon or independent sites, there are so many butt plugs from which to choose, and they all seem to be basically the same thing: Most of the non-vibrating plugs are copycats from the Aneros line. The vibrating plugs are generally a silicone plug with an insertable bullet.
The Trio, however, has taken a few unique twists on the traditional plug. Let me break it down for you:
  • First and foremost, the presentation is classy. Like any good product, if the packaging is junk, you can expect the product to be junk as well. b-Vibe takes their presentation extremely seriously. Inside the black and teal box, you’ll find a semi-rigid plastic carrying case, the remote control (with battery included), a magnetic charger, directions (written in seven languages), and of course, the plug itself. (I’ll talk a little more about the plug separately.)
  • The charger is sleek and novel. Rather than the standard USB to micro-USB, b-Vibe packs in a unique magnetic charger. There are two connector points that correspond directly to the points on the bottom of the plug. Simple touch the connection together, and lay it on the table to charge. Super easy, and far less potential to damage the charging port this way.
  • The remote control is comfortable to hold. It has a smooth texture that feels nice in my hand. In addition to the power button, there are three other buttons: increase/decrease intensity, and the pattern changer. Once you’ve paired the plug to your remote, it’s easy to use. Note: If you intend to use your plug without the remote, you cannot change the intensity — only the pattern of vibrations.
Let’s move onto the star of the show, the Trio plug. Near the end of this review, you’ll find my embedded YouTube tutorial/review on the Trio. Hopefully, that will give you an idea of size, as well as understanding on how to use it.
The Trio is constructed with three motors/vibrators underneath an exoskeleton made of medical-grade, body-safe silicone. Note: Silicone is not compatible with silicone-based lube. Use only water-based lube. The effects of silicone lube will deteriorate the toy, and it will start to look like it’s melting. This applies to all toys made of silicone.
THREE VIBRATORS inside this plug!!! I’ve had plugs with two vibes, but never three. And the ones with two vibes were poorly designed. They were made only for men, and the vibrations never hit the right spots. They would focus on the perineum and the prostate. Sometimes they would hit one spot, but they would never hit both of them. The Trio excels in the fact that one of the motors is located right where the anus grips the plug. This provides an intense and unique sensation that I have never felt before now. It’s not exactly rimming, and it won’t provide the same sensations as such; however, the feelings are unique in their own way, and the pleasure derived from the Trio is very relaxing.
In addition to the anus vibrator, there are two other motors: one is located more toward the middle of the plug, and the other is by the tip. Depending on the vibration setting you engage, either one motor or all three motors will vibrate. There is an incredible amount of variety with the various settings. My go-to is the standard and constant vibration pattern at various intensities. I’ve never been one to play around with the patterns. But, each person is different, and I encourage you to try them for yourself.
Regarding men who are using the Trio, be aware that this is not a prostate massager. Well, at least not in the sense that it is geared toward prostate massage. The depth of penetration, angle at which you are seated, and the vibration pattern/intensity will dictate how much direct or indirect sensations will be applied to your prostate. That said, the Trio is a fantastic piece for long-term masturbation, foreplay, and intercouse sessions. It is not overpowering on my prostate, and the vibrations are pleasant, not numbing like some plugs out there.
For women, I cannot speak on your behalf. I can say, though, that this plug was designed by a woman. I feel confident that she took great care to ensure it will bring you maximum pleasure. One thing that my Wife and I like to do is insert a smaller plug in her while engaging in intercourse. Before intercouse, we use a plug and the Hitachi Magic Wand. By doing this, it increases the intensity of our sessions, and it makes for extremely powerful multiple orgasms for her. The Trio is wide enough to give you a full feeling, but it’s not so wide that it will be difficult to insert. For a more hands-on and visual approach, here is my review video of the Trio:
In conclusion, the b-Vibe Trio is in my top five preferred plugs to use. b-Vibe, as mentioned before, also has the Rimming Plug that I’m dying to try out. If it’s anything like the Trio, it will have the same intense pleasures as the Trio with the industry’s only version of true rimming sensations. If you have not yet clicked any of the links to b-Vibe, check them out here.